Yao shield mountain BUG repair, diao Chan, Wang Zhaojun linkage beauty cry, 60 vouchers to Xiahou Dun

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Original | little younger sister of the king of Kings glory as officially coming valentine’s day, valentine’s day limit skin jun yao with the cloud – pray that the skin is also launched at the time of formal clothing, two new skin modeling and skill effect is very good, but just launched soon two skin has different degree of bugs,Cloud junjun bug is the appearance of the animation and exclusive movements have strange movements.While yao sister this bug can be invincible in the station card bug, when four yao sister can open, after the big recruit possessed in dong shan dong shan open repair mode of defensive towers, yao sister will automatically fall off, and will become invincible status, defensive towers, springs, enemy hero, creeps are unable to attack to yao sister, even pawn line will ignore the location of the yao sister,This bug has a lot of yao sister players are equipped with AD attack fast critical attack equipment, such as lightning dagger, endless blade and other equipment directly chasing the enemy hero attack.However, the official bug is also an emergency fix, yao mei and Dun shan will not be able to team up at the same time.Xiao Qiao — pure white flower marriage and Zhou Yu — Love is the first two skins are still in the return lottery, there are not only two skins can be obtained in the lottery pool, there are exclusive back to the city special effects, beat special effects and other props to obtain, the full set of guaranteed down is also need more than 6000 points or so, but the skin guarantee is about 1800 points or so,Most players also only need a skin, and don’t need any return effects items.Skin is the need of true love token props to exchange, guaranteed that is true love roses to exchange love token props, but true love tokens can be given by the each other between friends, also means that there are other ways to obtain, the true love token value has been reduced to about $100, believe that is almost the lowest price,After all, the original skin price of two skins is 888 points.With the opening of the professional KPL Spring tournament, a new KPL limited epic skin will also be introduced in the spring tournament. This skin and mirror belong to the same stealth team. Currently, there are mirrors in the wild position, and there are still four heroes in the opposing path, development path, wandering path and middle single position.There are many great coffee has revealed a KPL position limit is to give the skin against road’s, this hero’s and haven’t launched a new skin for a long time, as a universal tanks warrior hero, with a shield that real damage, control, displacement, vampire all sorts of effects, such as’s is very worth to get the new KPL skin.And each KPL limit epics are the exclusive activity of the skin, you first need to 60 point open campaigning, then complete the task to obtain experience and point discount items, such as by a score of 472 point, KPL series skin e-sports style in the future, believe that’s the future of science and technology the wind the skin also is very handsome.As for the AOV skin linkage between official service and international service, the next AOV skin linkage was originally given to The official service diao Chan and International service Luo Er, but some big shots revealed that Luo er of international service acquired a dunhuang series of skin linkage, not aoV skin linkage.The real linkage is the linkage between diao Chan in international costume and Wang Zhaojun in official costume. The skill mechanism of Diao Chan in international costume is the same as that of Wang Zhaojun. Moreover, there are many diao Chan skins in international costume and they are very beautiful.Qiao-mei to summarize yao sister and dun shan can not team up, Xiahou Dun KPL limited skin is coming, and the international service diao Chan and formal service Wang Zhaojun linked legend skin online.