To force!This report about Pingnan was selected as one of the top ten news of Guangxi to attract investment!

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The year of the tiger!Tiger Tiger alive!On February 11, the guangxi autonomous region investment promotion bureau announced investment promotion and capital introduction of guangxi in 2021 top ten news in which the local comprehensive east harmony Your port one hundred billion yuan textile and garment industry, one of its top take a look at ~ it is understood that since the investment promotion and capital introduction of guangxi since the launch of top ten news poll attracted wide attention from all walks of life and active participation.In this activity, the professional judging panel selected 20 works to enter the online voting stage according to the evaluation criteria of news, importance, attention and so on. At the same time, the investment Promotion Bureau of the Autonomous Region organized centralized evaluation. Finally, the network voting and centralized evaluation were integrated to determine the top ten news of Guangxi investment attraction in 2021.The winning works vividly show the concrete practice of Guangxi based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept and constructing a new development pattern, and publicize the progress and effectiveness of Guangxi in attracting enterprises, serving enterprises, project implementation and environmental optimization.Let’s have a look. What are they?1. Guangxi joins hands with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to jointly build an important domestic and international double-circulation node hub 2.Focus on well-known banks and enterprises to build Magnificent Guangxi; 3. Carry out the national strategy of attracting investment at stationed points; 4.To invest, please rest assured!Guangxi investment promotion regulations to be implemented from September 1 5. Steady pillar industry strong project support casting chain investment liuzhou industry braving waves forward 6.Gree lays out a new engine for industrial revitalization to build Guilin into a world-class tourism city.9. Yulin: The total investment is 12.2 billion YUAN!The world’s largest single high precision copper foil industry base project in 10. Guest: joint investment to promote rural area city revitalization of the local comprehensive east melt your port left left left one hundred billion yuan textile and garment industry bring on September 24, 2021, guangxi daily page screenshots to know about the your port this article together how tiger air textile and clothing industry!China (Guigang) textile and garment fashion New District is located in Pingnan County, Guigang City.At present, the new District has signed 246 projects with a total contract investment of 32.868 billion yuan, and 108 construction projects have been started.Among them, guangxi Shifang Group investment construction of heat and power plant, water purification center and other three projects have been put into use;Liuyun Printing and dyeing project, Guangxi Pingnan Liuling Textile Co., LTD., Guangxi Pingnan Weilian Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD., and other projects have been completed and put into operation.Guigang city has designated the New Area as a key municipal park, and introduced several measures to support the high-quality development of the textile and garment industry. It has given preferential treatment to housing, employment, land use and electricity consumption, thus vigorously promoting the strong development of the industry.With the strategic goal of “one year to build a foundation, three years to scale up, five years to 100 billion, 10 years to double”, we strive to achieve the development goal of 150 billion yuan of total output value of the textile and garment industry and 1 million employment in about 10 years, and strive to build guangxi into a core and demonstration area of the textile and garment industry.It is understood that in 2022, the new district plans to sign more than 130 projects, realize 50 new projects and 70 completed projects, with a cumulative output value of more than 8 billion yuan, tax revenue of 250 million yuan, and more than 5,000 new workers.In 2021, China (Guigang) Textile and Garment Fashion New Area was awarded the title of “National Textile Industry Transfer Pilot Park” by China National Textile Industry Federation.Director | of the communist party of China south of the county party committee propaganda department product | ping ping pingnan melt source media center | your port publicity editing | | lai shallow audit Zeng Guoyang issued | WeiTing loose