The frightened?After a heavy rain, the river groups of crucian carp swim ashore, fisherman: a fishing more than ten catties

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As is known to all fishermen, crucian carp has a strong appetite in spring. At this time of fishing in rivers, crucian carp is not only abundant but also fat.And recently a few hubei Jingzhou fishing friends, but in the night to catch a strange scene — after a heavy rain, the water carp actually gathered in groups, like crazy to the upstream source, and even a large number of swim to the shore stranded on the grass…According to this angler friend from Jingzhou, Hubei province, he and his friends went to a small ditch on the tail of Donggang Lake for night fishing. Unexpectedly, they had made a nest and opened a good bait for a short time, but no fish had been caught, and suddenly it began to rain.But several people could only take shelter from the rain in the car. Then the heavy rain stopped for a long time. After a rest, several fishing friends went back to the water, only to find an amazing scene…Kept a lot of crucian carp from the ditch fork swim up “oh, don’t want to die the same all upstream leap, behind the front of the (fish) are pushed to the grass stranded, my god too spectacular, are big board crucian carp ah!”The angler said excitedly that he had never seen so many wild crucian carp gathered together, just like a dream scene!And in their surprise and excitement, they didn’t even know to fish for it.After this rare picture was posted to the personal account of fishing friends, it also attracted a lot of people’s clicks and comments. Some people thought that the fish were frightened, so they made the abnormal behavior of jumping up to the shore.Others thought it was someone nearby electrocuting the fish…What the hell is going on here?Why are these crucian carp stranded?Mr. Changjiang: Actually, it’s a natural phenomenon. These crucian carp go upstream from the river in succession, and even become stranded in groups on the grass, mainly because it’s the breeding season — crucian carp have a habit of going upstream to spawn.Especially when the spring rainy day, upstream water into, carp by water stimulation, will be in groups to upstream source.This kind of tracing behavior of crucian carp is an instinct in the eyes of Lord Changjiang, and there is a certain conformity.Once large numbers of fish gather in a river, individuals are forced to migrate upstream even if the water level is too shallow and the current is cut off, so similar strandings occur.In The eyes of Lord Changjiang, this kind of group behavior for the sake of reproduction is really touching.A large number of carp kept coming back from the fork – but it was a kind of unexpected surprise for the night fisherman who discovered it…03 fisherman: once caught more than ten catties of these crucian carp mostly in 22 to half catties or so, are rare big plate crucian carp, I believe that any fisherman encountered this scene, will be very excited.And these fishing friends after the reaction, also have picked up the net fishing fish.”One at hand, is more than 10 jin, are big board crucian carp ha ha ha, also have small carp, really feel like a dream.”– Angler friend said, never fishing fish so good, this also fishing what fish.Fishing friends: a person left two or three catty, however, a point of praise is, fishing fish after the addiction, these fishing friends are also part of the “catch” into the upstream river, and said that “fishing fish fun, enough to eat on the line”.Lord Changjiang thinks that the spirit of “taking with moderation” is very admirable, after all, not everyone can “eat enough” when confronted with such a scene…However, there are so many crucian carp gathering in this small ditch fork, which also shows that the ecological environment of the local river is good.Have you ever seen anything like this, my friends, when you’ve been fishing in rivers and lakes?# # crucian carp