The average monthly salary for the first week after the holiday is 10,090 yuan

2022-05-31 0 By

(Reporter Qian Lingling) The Spring Festival holiday is over, and migrant workers are moving bricks again. The spring recruitment season is also in full swing.So, what will be the new changes in the spring recruitment market this year?According to’s latest Spring Recruitment Weekly Report 2022 (The first issue), the average salary in Xiamen was 10,090 yuan per month in the first week after the holiday (Feb 7-13), ranking ninth in China.In the first week after the holiday, the average salary for employers was 10,088 yuan a month, up from 8,993 yuan a month in the same period last year, according to topped the list with an average salary of 13,531 yuan per month, followed by Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Suzhou and Xiamen with an average salary of over 10,000 yuan per month.Among them, Xiamen’s average salary is 10,090 yuan per month, ranking ninth in China and joining the “10,000-yuan club”.Generally speaking, the salary level of cities in the Yangtze river Delta and Pearl River Delta is generally high, and the salary of cities in northeast China is at the bottom.Data from showed that in the first week after the holiday, the number of job openings fell by 4.5 percent year-on-year, while the scale of recruitment contracted slightly.In terms of recruitment targets, the survey showed that 58 percent of the surveyed enterprises recruit both experienced workers and fresh college graduates, 39.1 percent only for experienced workers and 2.9 percent only for fresh graduates.In addition, nearly 90 percent of enterprises will recruit college graduates from the classes of 2021 and 2022 in spring.In contrast, the job market is very active, with the number of resumes sent in the first week after the holiday rising sharply year-on-year, with an average of about 11 resumes received for each position, almost double that of the first week after the holiday in 2021.Fitness, catering, retail and beauty occupations saw relatively big year-on-year increases in hiring demand in the first week after the holiday.The number of sports and fitness jobs increased by 68.6 percent, food and beverage services by 51.2 percent, retail by 37.8 percent, and health and beauty by 23.7 percent.The impact of targeted epidemic prevention and control on consumption has gradually weakened, and a number of measures to promote consumption have been introduced around the Spring Festival. Offline consumption in service and contact sectors has recovered, driving up the demand for talents in these professions.In addition, the number of distribution and tally jobs increased by 145%, and the number of video anchors and live broadcast delivery jobs increased by 63.2%, leading to an increase in the number of entertainers/brokers. The demand for automobile manufacturing, technicians and computer technology talents also increased.