Jeep’s new Wagney is on sale!The appearance upgrade is fashionable and exquisite, and the hybrid system will sell from 37W

2022-05-31 0 By

According to Jeep’s website, the new Grand Wagoneer has been launched, targeting large SUVs, with a total of two models for consumers to choose from.The Wagney is popular in foreign markets, with a $58,845 price tag that exceeds the $460, 56,700 price tag of the Lexus GX.Let’s take a look at it with the car player.In terms of appearance, the new car uses the family’s latest design language.The front features Jeep’s iconic rectangular air intake grille and a more refined dot-matrix design than the previous model’s vertical chrome plating.Then with sharp LED lights on both sides, through type and the front surrounding air inlet has also been smoked black processing, the vehicle looks very aggressive fashion.The new car side shape is more square, coupled with the two-color body layout, large size multi-wheel hub, side skirt part of the decorative plate protection, taillight group and front face echo, hidden exhaust layout, the integration of these elements to enhance the visual effect of the vehicle and create a strong sense of muscle movement atmosphere for the new car.Wagney’s length, width and height are 5453/2123/1920mm, with a wheelbase of 3124mm and a 7-seat layout.Interior part, the new car is equipped with a full LCD dashboard, split built-in central control screen, multi-functional steering wheel, knob shift mechanism, co-driver information entertainment screen, simple and atmospheric design gives consideration to light luxury and practicality.In terms of power, the new car will be powered by a 5.7L/6.4L naturally aspirated HEMI V8, with an 8-speed manual transmission matching the conventional part.Among them, the 5.7-L (with light mixing system) engine has a maximum output power of 292KW and a peak torque of 548N·m, while the 6.4-L (without light mixing system) engine has a maximum output power of 351KW and a peak torque of 617N·m.Bottom line: For a large SUV, Jeep’s new Wagney does look good.The exterior is domineering and fashionable, the interior technology is practical, and the dynamic performance is strong enough.Do you think Jeep Wagney’s appearance level?If it were you, which model would you consider for the same price?Let me know in the comments section.Editor: Eleven