Game “commissioner” offers refund?Minor players alert scam!

2022-05-31 0 By

On the afternoon of January 19, Xiao Ying (pseudonym) accompanied by her family, a banner that reads “Law enforcement for the people a righteous spirit to maintain justice” was sent to the Baiyangwan police station of Gusu Branch to express gratitude to the police for investigating fraud cases and recovering the loss of more than 10,000 yuan.It all started a month ago.On the evening of December 23, 2021, baiyangwan police station received a report from xiao Ying, 12, who said she had lost 14,000 yuan in fraud while playing the game.It is learned that Xiaoying was addicted to a social game of board game in early October 2021 and often online in her spare time.On December 16, a stranger sent Xiaoying a friend application, claiming to be the customer service specialist of the board game.When Xiaoying saw that his avatar and nickname were related to the game, she believed his identity and approved his friend application.The “customer service specialist” said that because Xiaoying is a minor, she is suspected of violating the rules in the game, so the recharge fee will be cleared and the refund will be processed.The “customer service specialist” also said that in order to ensure the refund of normal, need to arrange a “game specialist” intervention.Xiaoying believed it all and added the “game specialist” wechat.Then, the two “commissioners” asked Xiaoying to transfer the money, citing the service fee, refund deposit, unseal right to use and other reasons. Xiaoying believed them all and sent wechat red envelopes to each other with her mother’s bank card, transferring a total of 14,000 yuan.After transferring so much money, xiao Ying did not dare to tell her family.It was not until Xiaoying’s mother found that there was a large transaction with water, that she found xiaoying was cheated and quickly reported to the police with xiaoying.After receiving the alarm, Baiyangwan police station immediately carried out investigation, through the money flow information locked in Quanzhou, Fujian province, the suspect Wu, and quickly drove to the success of Wu arrested.In the review, Wu confessed to the crime of defrauding Xiaoying.Wu mou is in unemployed state, usually also like to play this board game social games, found that many of them are minors.In order to give their own “make some money” flower, Wu mou will sprout out of the idea of fraud minors, he modified his QQ user name and profile picture posing as “customer service commissioner”, and registered a new wechat account disguised as “official wechat commissioner”, one of the two parts, under false pretext to implement fraud.Below the police work, now suspect Wu mou already took the initiative to return all the losses of small ying, wu Mou already was detained lawfully because of being suspected of fraud at present.Under the police’s reminder, Xiaoying’s parents also said they would strengthen education and guidance for their children and pay attention to the management of electronic payment accounts to avoid similar situations.Parents and friends should pay attention to children’s holiday life, improve children’s awareness of fraud, guide children to enjoy holiday life in a healthy and positive way, do not indulge in games;At the same time, parents and friends should also take good care of the safety of electronic payment accounts, to avoid overuse of minors, beware of being cheated.Source: Suzhou Traffic police