As the season draws to a close, imported cherries are very different

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Nanpai News: In recent years, imported cherries are popular among Chinese consumers.As one of the star products of, Chilean imported cherries have been selling well year after year, making them the “top trend” of winter fruits.”Chile imported cherries have good taste, bright appearance and large fruit diameter.The market period is from the beginning of November to the end of February, filling the gap in the fruit market during this period;Together with the “prosperous”, “sweet” good intention, so that the product occupied the Spring Festival consumption peak season dividend.A variety of conditions to promote the import of cherries more and more heat.”Originally life network operation personnel analysis.With the deepening of trade relations between China and Chile, the proportion of Chilean cherries exported to China is expected to increase year by year.As the market matures, the demand for cherries will grow in China.* The end of life’s Chilean cherries.This season’s imported cherries are nearing the end of sales.Throughout the consumer market performance in the current quarter, cherries as imported fresh commodities are greatly affected by the epidemic.”Before the Spring Festival, the number of imported cherries arriving at the port by sea is relatively insufficient compared with previous years, and the customs clearance time has generally increased by one to two weeks;On the one hand, it affects product quality, and on the other hand, it drives up market prices before the Spring Festival.”The original life net fruit buyer summed up.After the Spring Festival, the market price of cherries fluctuates greatly.And the obvious difference with the market is that the life net sales of Chilean imported cherries before and after the Spring Festival commodity prices have not changed, and sales continue to be stable, reflecting the high quality imported cherries “pressure” ability to stronger characteristics.”First, the price of high-quality imported cherries is supported and very stable;Second, the market feedback is better, in the market this year, the quality of cherries generally declined, the original high quality cherries life network reputation is better.”Originally life net fruit buyer pointed out.The Chilean imported cherries sold by the original life network come from the best quality core production areas in Chile, and are directly collected by the original life base to ensure sufficient supply and stable price.In the early stage of the launch in early November, most of the cherries purchased by users were airlifted and sold at a relatively high price.In early December, Marine Chile cherries began to appear on the market, the original life network is the main push of this batch of original box 2.5kg gift box products.”Marine cherries mainly rely on inert gas or vacuum preservation, we do not unpack the original box shipment can better guarantee the quality.The 2.5kg box is ideal for gifts or home shopping.”Originally the life net buys a hand to introduce.* introduces the key points of quality cherries to users.Strict control from the origin, to transport, packaging and other links of the whole chain control, the original life network to ensure the full range of imported cherries high quality and safety.Open the page of Chilean imported cherries in the original life APP, consumers can see the customs declaration form of import and export goods, nucleic acid testing certificate, import quarantine certificate, disinfection certificate and other inspection and testing documents, but also learn about the picking and production situation in Chile base through the video.More than that, the original life network for quality excellence, combined with the different stages of the market to select better cherry varieties (the early stage of the market this season – Santina varieties, later – Lapins varieties, fruit diameter standards -2J, 3J, 4J), to ensure that consumers can enjoy the highest level of products in the market in all periods.”The big cherries are preferred for their crunchy, thick and juicy flesh.”Original life buyer introduction.In order to further enrich the online consumption experience of fresh food in the 2022 season, has increased its live broadcast efforts.Chilean imported cherries were the highlight of this year’s live broadcast.Through live broadcast, consumers can follow the lens into the original live network fresh cold storage, detailed understanding of imported cherries storage elimination, quality control testing and other behind-the-scenes links, intuitive feeling of product freshness, quality sense.”We opened the box and tested the diameter standard and sugar content of cherries during the live broadcast, proving that the imported cherries we sell are labeled with large diameter and the quality of fresh cherries is visible to the naked eye.That speaks louder than anything.”Originally life network operation personnel introduction.* Chilean imported cherries became the highlight of the original live broadcast sales.It is reported that during the 2022 season, the original live broadcast on multiple platforms, including LifeApp, Video account and Douyin, lasted more than 430 hours, attracting 12 million views and 38 million likes.”This year Chilean cherries have been our main product for live streaming, bringing a lot of new customer growth, and the sales figures are very impressive.”Originally life network operation personnel introduction.