Timeline of 2022 Art School Examination (Updated feb 11)

2022-05-30 0 By

Due to the reschedule of gome, Xiyi Road special updated the school test timeline, before xiyi road in the group to let everyone actively prepare for the north service, but also because of the period and Gome, but because of the reschedule of Gome, so a school test opportunity and equal.From the perspective of the timeline, although Gome changed to online re-examination, it postponed the school examination time, making the school examination time more intensive, especially for the examinees who all want to reference, the preparation time is more tight.In this case, the preparation of more than one college school test candidates to do according to their own situation, focus on their own target colleges, for the design of candidates to do according to the school test college test content, direction induction and mastery.Such as scene writing: Qing United States, broad United States, Lu United States will involve;Design sketch: Qing Mei, Yang Mei, Chuan Mei, Lu Mei will also be involved.From gome because of the epidemic, adjusted the time and method of the school examination, other offline school examination, will not also because of the epidemic reasons to change to online colonel examination?At present, the epidemic situation in some provinces in China is still quite serious. Offline school examinations mean personnel mobility, that is, there is no epidemic in the local school examinations, but there will be a great risk of examinees moving to the local school examinations if there is an epidemic.So prepare for the offline school test candidates to prepare for the possibility of line colonel at any time.If broad beauty modelling sketch and colour are to take an examination of model sketching, if instead line colonel takes an examination of, mean the likelihood can draw photograph only.