Spring go grassroots | I wish hold every year, for your happiness and peace

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Firecrackers sound a New Year’s eve family reunion, people feel happy and warm LiuDong the policemen stand on the way for the people “maple” fire up home together, protecting gathering their festival atmosphere is confirmed one calm, keep the people around, and steps to protect the safety, let us with “p” to the office, working area, the streets to watch “maple bridge type police station” stick to hello, New Year’s eve LiuDong police station…At 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the police received a report that drunken woman Qin some disputes with taxi drivers because of mobile phone can not pay fees, police quickly police disposal.Because qin mou is drunk, do not listen to the dissuasion, the police took it to the police station for education.Police said that many people choose to get drunk on this day to bid farewell to all the unhappiness of the past year and remind her to drink in a civilized manner, communicate with others and pay attention to their own safety.New Year’s Eve peace, give me!8:00 director Jiang Zhu and the day before the police on duty on time.Police to the last working day not finished, still need to follow up today to sort out one by one.Jiang Zhu director of the new day of work layout, he said, at the end of the year at the beginning of the year, pay close attention to all kinds of security risks, let the people safe New Year, will continue the area of peace.The police camp home also want to dress up afterwards, the police auxiliary police cooperate with each other, together start embellishing the police camp.Cleaning, pasting paper-cuts, pasting fu, writing Spring Festival couplets, hanging lanterns…Police camp up and down a decorated, beaming, to create a cheerful, harmonious “big family” atmosphere.Thank you police comrade!At 10 o ‘clock, a woman came to liudong police station, will pick up the medical insurance book, ID card, social security card and bank card to the police, asked the police to help find the owner.Police on duty through the social security card on the ID card to find the owner of the lover Ms Li’s phone, tell her someone picked up her lover Mr Liao’s medical insurance.Ms. Li said that she and her husband lost the medical insurance book in the people’s Hospital and were looking for it everywhere. Fortunately, a good Samaritan found it.At about 10:40, Ms. Li arrived at the Liudong police station to receive Mr. Liao’s medical insurance, thanks to the police.At about 12 o ‘clock, an 80-year-old man came from Muluo village, Labao Town, Liujiang District to look for his daughter. He could not find her home because he only knew her name but could not remember her specific address.When the old man walked to Wanda City, he saw the security guards and asked them for help.Wanda City security phone liudong police station.The police immediately took the old man back to the police station, found his family through demographic information, and contacted his daughter by phone.The daughter rushed to the police station to pick up her father and thanked the police and wanda Town security for their help.Then Ms. Wei went to the shelter for help. Her 80-year-old grandfather had gone missing.Police through the investigation, to assist Ms. Wei water base near the search, successfully found the lost old man.After the New Year’s Eve dinner, the masses brought milk tea and apples to express their gratitude.New Year’s Eve in the police camp, how warm!On New Year’s Eve, the policemen reunited with their comrades in arms in the big family of the police battalion.Double police families also spend the Spring Festival together at the police station.This New Year’s Eve dinner is a farewell to the past year and a good outlook and expectation for the New Year’s work.Jiang Zhu director said, can not forget failed to participate in the New Year’s Eve dinner auxiliary police, he led the liudong police station leadership came to the hospital to pay condolences to the injured operation auxiliary police Ouyang Yi.Due to the epidemic, only to see auxiliary police family members, Director Jiang Zhu sent condolence money and the meaning of the apple in peace.The families of the auxiliary expressed their gratitude to the organization for its care.I am responsible for peace, you are responsible for reunion on New Year’s Eve, the sky drizzle.The police are assembled and on patrol.They walk in the streets, guarding the lights of thousands of families, every step is a wish for peace.Police inspect the area under its jurisdiction places of entertainment, hotel, detailed examination surveillance video lighting facilities, security, fire control facilities, warning marks, configuration, etc., required places industry owners legal management, civilized service, cooperate with public security organs to take effective measures to ensure workplace safety, to eliminate the security hidden danger, must not be allowed to appear on pornography illegal phenomenon.One minute on duty, 60 seconds on duty!They are unchanging commitment. They are resolute and unblinking and meticulous. They have carried out their mission with daily action for many years, measuring safety with their steps and being the nearest guardian of the people.00 New Year’s bell rings Liudong police station will continue to walk the city “Maple” fire road, exhibition era new “maple” color wish I stick to every year for your peace, year after year on the first day of the first month police Zhao Hanwang ushered in a special New Year’s visit to every one during the Spring Festival, adhere to the post of comrades salute!