In 2022, Renmin University of China is ranked among the top 10 universities in the World by alumni Association

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Which “world-class universities” will be the strongest in 2022, and which will develop the fastest?In order to provide authoritative reference guide for candidates in 2022 national college entrance examination.On January 25, 2022, Cuaa.Net, a third-party university evaluation agency, officially released the “2022 Alumni Association Ranking of Chinese Universities — Guide to College Entrance Examination Voluntary Application”, which has published the alumni Association Ranking of Chinese Universities for 20 consecutive years. The book will be published and issued by science Press.The alumni Association’s 2022 Ranking of World First-class Universities has been released.What attracts attention is that the index of “China’s high contribution scholars” was proposed for the first time in China, and the index of “highly cited scholars” was abandoned, so as to break the bad value orientation of “dissertation only” in university evaluation.Peking University ranked first and Tsinghua University second, according to the latest alumni Association’s ranking of the world’s best universities in 2022.Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks among the top three in China, Zhejiang University ranks fourth and Wuhan University ranks fifth.The alumni association 2022 world-class university building of university ranking top 10 other university is (6), fudan university, nanjing university (6), (8), huazhong university of science and technology of China university of science and technology (9th), renmin university of China (10th), tianjin university (10th), Beijing normal university (10th) and so on.Five universities, including Northwest A&F University, Zhengzhou University, Yunnan University, Minzu University of China and Xinjiang University, failed to make it into the top 50 universities in China in 2022 by the Alumni Association.In 2022 world-class university alumni association to build other colleges and universities in the top 20 colleges and universities is the xi ‘an jiaotong university (12) (13), jilin university, shandong university (14th), national university of defense technology (14th), sun yat-sen university (15), (16) of nankai university, Harbin industrial university (17), BeijingUniversity of Aeronautics and Astronautics (18th), Sichuan University (19th), Tongji University (20th).2022 Alumni Association Of China University Evaluation Index System