Daqing city announced the activity track of 1 confirmed COVID-19 case

2022-05-29 0 By

On March 31, 2022, Honggang District of Daqing city found a case of nucleic acid test positive in the control of returning personnel from other provinces. Daqing City immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and quickly carried out flow tracing, isolation control, nucleic acid testing, environmental eradication, medical treatment and other work.Confirmed COVID-19 case (mild) diagnosed by the expert group.After preliminary investigation, the movement track of the confirmed case is released as follows: On March 25, 2022, Korla Railway Station in Xinjiang, And Train NO. T270 (Carriage no. 13, Block 0181) from Korla to Xi ‘an in Xinjiang, Xi ‘an Railway Station.Train NO. Z218 (Carriage no. 11, Seat No. 0081) from Xi ‘an Railway Station to Nanjing Station on March 26.March 27-28, Nanjing Railway Station, Nanjing Station to Qiqihar Station K48 train (Car 07, Block 0045).March 29, Daqing West Station, daqing West Station landing detection point, 800 xinlin Hotel.March 30, 800 Xinlin Hotel.March 31, nucleic acid test results positive, transferred to a designated hospital.So far, daqing city has reported a total of 4 confirmed COVID-19 cases, all of which were imported or associated.The situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex, so the public is advised to report before returning to celebrate.After returning to celebrate not party, not dinner, not crowded places.Continue to fulfill personal responsibility for prevention and control, and implement protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, ventilation, disinfection and social distancing.We will not panic, believe or spread rumors, actively cooperate with health and epidemic prevention personnel to carry out epidemic surveillance and respond candidly, so as to gain time for the rapid eradication of the epidemic.Let us work together to stop the spread of the disease as quickly as possible.Daqing Center for Disease Control and Prevention On March 31, 2022 Contact number of Epidemic Prevention and control headquarters in all counties and districts of Daqing City: 0459-6352331, Ranghuru District, Duty Room, 0459-5596291, Saertu District, 0459-6181900, High-tech Zone, 0459-6040009, 6288901, Honggang District, 0459-2799113 Datong 0459-6161530 Longfeng 0459-6059157, 2767159 Zhaozhou County 0459-8520361 Zhaoyuan County 0459-8241033 Lindian County 0459-3317221 community 0459-3314119 township 0459-3322541 Dumont County community0459-3422588 Township 0459-3452053 Daqing County CDC center tel: 0459-6279221 Sa District CDC 0459-6352591 Rang District CDC 0459-6352591 Long Feng CDC 0459-2767159 Red Gang CDC 0459-2799135 Datong CDC 0459-6173877Zhou603 of zhaozhou CDC 0459-8520511 zhaoyuan CDC 0459-8232328 lindian CDC CDC 0459-3322473 Mr Dumont 0459-3410143 from | source of daqing city centers for disease control and prevention, heilongjiang traffic radio