Where is Shuanghui’s development heading in the post-Bandung era?

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This year’s 3.15 party, food safety has become a big hot spot, whether henan Yuzhou to cassava posing as sweet potato vermillion, or Hunan flag company’s pit pickles, its production process that is quite shocking, very very unclean and unhealthy.However, compared with these companies, on the eve of 3.15 is jiangxi satellite TV channel of nanchang shanghui food co., LTD., production line considered the phenomenon, that the market is more investors jumpy – news, the company behind the a-share listed company shuanghui development (000895 SZ), shares the same day to drop stop, evaporation nearly hundred million market day.The workshop in Nanchang was confirmed to be dirty and messy. The investigation team has traced the related products to the source, sealed and controlled the matter is not complicated.The previous two years, Nanchang Shuanghui pork products were found to be ofloxacin and other problems and random inspection failed.Two years later, ahead of the March 15 International Consumer Day, jiangxi TV’s Urban channel sent an undercover agent to the factory.As a result, do not visit do not know.A visit gives one a fright.Undercover out of the video screen shows: Nanchang Shuanghui food production workshop, there are pork chops directly bagged into storage, work clothes black and smelly, with muddy water towels and wipe pork, disinfection link is too arbitrary, the air shower system is defunct…And so on health and safety risks, at the same time, there are recruitment operation is not standard, examination physical examination and other problems.”As long as I don’t see (the sanitation mess),” the workshop leader said in the video, referring to the practice of dumping pork on the floor without washing it.With video evidence, Nanchang Shuanghui couldn’t even get rid of it.At present, Shuanghui Development is fully cooperating with the market supervision department of Jiangxi Province to investigate and verify the disposal, and 2 samples of products are sent for inspection.Tracing the origin of the batch of “frozen pig bone A” dropped in the video, A total of 310kg, has been sealed up and controlled;Conduct comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of all staff’s work clothes in Nanchang Shuanghui;Strengthen the staff food safety training assessment, especially for this year’s new employees to reorganize systematic training.To put it simply, the dirty and messy production line of Nanchang Shuanghui was confirmed and Shuanghui Development recognized it.According to Tianyan, Nanchang Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned sun company of Shuanghui Development, mainly engaged in the processing of high and low temperature ham sausage and other meat products. With a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, it can slaughter 2 million pigs and produce 130,000 tons of meat products every year.This is supposed to be one of the production bases shuanghui Development, China’s largest meat processing company, has set up outside its headquarters in Luohe, Henan Province.It is reported that Shuanghui Development has more than 30 modern meat processing and supporting industrial bases in 17 provinces (cities) in China.The 02 company denied it immediately, claiming that “the management is standardized and the products are qualified”.The state has always attached great importance to food safety and hygiene. As long as there is dirt, disorder and poor food production, the media will follow up and interview them in time.Therefore, after the dirty and messy workshop of Nanchang Shuanghui was exposed, there was an uproar in the society, which had a bad influence on the development of shuanghui, a leading meat product enterprise.In fact, something similar happened in Shuanghui 11 years ago.On March 15, 2011, CCTV exposed shuanghui’s pig raising of “clenbuterol”.This matter, compared with the dirty and messy production line, the nature is worse.Because people in the pork feed clenbuterol, light nausea and vomiting, heavy may lead to sudden death.If long-term consumption, may also lead to chromosomal aberration, induce malignant tumors.As soon as this matter was disclosed, the world was shocked. Shuanghui Development’s shares were suspended for more than a month, and then resumed trading for two more trading limits, wiping out tens of billions of yuan in market value.At the time, Shuanghui chairman Wan Long groaned in apology for the scandal and decided to spend more than 200 million yuan a year to improve food safety, including rigorous testing of every pig entering shuanghui and opening the production line to outside visitors.Objectively speaking, due to the company’s proper response to that lean lean incident, Bandung sincerely regretted it, and soon gained the understanding of all sectors of society. In more than a month, it basically controlled the continued spread of negative effects, and the company’s stock price remained relatively high.This time, in the face of the dirty and messy video nailed on the Board of Nanchang Shuanghui, shuanghui development’s response is very surprising.When contacted by a national media outlet, the head of Shuanghui’s public relations department said the report was untrue and the original article had been withdrawn.”The local government supervision department conducted an on-site inspection of Nanchang Shuanghui on the day of the report, and the company’s management was standardized and its products qualified. The company has also set up a joint investigation team to enter Nanchang Shuanghui to investigate the incident and await the results of the subsequent investigation.”Senior leaders rushed out for a meeting early in the morning and never returned, the official said.In less than 24 hours, he was slapped in the face.On the evening of March 15, The official website of Shuanghui Group released the statement of Nanchang Shuanghui Food Co., Ltd. on the content of relevant media reports.The statement said that on the afternoon of March 14, jiangxi TV metro Channel reported the problems related to Nanchang Shuanghui. The company paid great attention to the report and immediately set up an investigation team, suspended the responsible person on March 15, and made a deep reflection on the incident.After the conflict between the father and the uterus, there was chaos in production. Where is shuanghui’s development heading in the post-Bandung era?In this investigation, in addition to the dirty and messy production workshop, the undercover reporter also investigated the existence of Nanchang Shuanghui employees to deduct “three insurance and one gold” and other violations of the labor law phenomenon.In order to avoid supervision, Shuanghui failed to sign contracts with employees, or told new employees to voluntarily give up the insurance, insurance and housing fund, according to the investigation.HR of the company said, work is the same, the salary is also paid, but the form is not the same.Such ideology and practical operation, and a market value once 100 billion industry leader company, it is so incompatible.As a matter of fact, shuanghui has experienced many shocking events in the past year.Apart from the production line chaos, the biggest impact of course was last year’s “womb battle” between Wan Lung and his eldest son Wan Hong Jian over the selection of the company’s CEO.At that time, many investors were worried about the future of Shuanghui’s development while eating melon.Because, Wan Hongjian published the article “Father and Wan Long in my eyes”, not only tore the face between father and son, abandoned the little warmth left to let the dirty laundry in public, but also exposed the imperfect governance structure of Shuanghui development to the world.The soap-opera rivalry between father and son highlights not only the difficulties of succession in China’s family business, but also the internal management turmoil between Shuanghui Development and Wh Group (00288.HK).In the very strong first generation of entrepreneurs are about to retire, the future of the two listed companies, naturally become a lot of investors worry.At that time, neither Wan Long, nor his successor Wan Hongwei, nor Guo Lijun mentioned in the article, seemed to give a convincing answer to the problems wan hongjian mentioned in shuanghui development and WH Group’s production management.That naturally disappointed many investors.In fact, shuanghui’s share price has fallen since the fight broke out.Starting from the closing on August 18, 2021, when Wan published his article, by March 15, 2022, Shuanghui Development’s share price had dropped as much as 53.75%, losing 101.2 billion yuan in market value.As a result, many people feel unworthy of the Wan Loons.Wan Long, chairman of Both Shuanghui Development and Wh Group, was born in 1940 and is 82 years old, according to public information.It is tempting to wonder whether shuanghui’s response to the chaos in its Nanchang production line has been so disconcerted that the 71-year-old Wan Lung was so skilful in its response to the lean lean crisis 11 years ago.Is management on track?At the age of 82, Wan Lung, the former king of ham sausage, is really “quite old”?