Unification approaching?Biden has said he is not opposed to a “unified China,” and the United States is facing three shocks

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With the recent crash of a US F-35 stealth fighter jet in the South China Sea, much attention has been focused on how to recover the airframe, hoping to gain some technology from the CRASH of the US fighter jet to accelerate China’s aerospace capabilities and increase the means to counter the US stealth fighter.However, it largely ignores the story behind what the US aircraft carrier is doing in the South China Sea, which leads to insufficient analysis of the frequent interference of the US in the South China Sea and internal affairs across the Taiwan Strait.As a matter of fact, no matter us warships and jets frequently intervene in the South China Sea or directly appear in the Taiwan Strait, their purpose is only one: to frighten the mainland to prevent or delay the completion of China’s reunification.In particular, the increase in the number and frequency of U.S. fighter jets and warships in recent years is a sign that the U.S. is getting anxious because of Washington’s growing sense of powerlessness over China’s rise.If China were useless, poor and weak like some African countries, and disunited and counter-insurgency like Syria, Libya and Sudan, would America need to worry?The answer is certainly clear.It is worth noting that as the world is severely hit by the epidemic, the internal problems in the US are becoming more acute, and the relations between the West and Russia are at a freezing point, the window for China’s reunification is accelerating. Many media, think tanks and experts even predict that China’s reunification will be completed between 2030 and 2035.On the one hand, the mainland has issued the Outline of the National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning at the national level, which has simply told the world that we are going to build roads in Taiwan Province.On the other hand, many us dignitaries, including Biden, also believe that China will not compromise on safeguarding sovereignty and security, and that China will achieve reunification sooner or later.In this regard, let’s take a look back at Biden’s remarks on China in his early days as president.On February 16, 2021, the us news network reported that biden in after discussing the problems such as the United States in Hong Kong, xinjiang stressed that if you know something about Chinese history, in the country suffered bullied by foreign powers, is no unified China, China’s position is very clear, there must be a “unified China,”Everything they do is based on that.Biden also said that he will fight for the United States, so I will not openly oppose China’s approach and position, and maintain the ‘One-china policy’ through strong means on the Taiwan issue.”It is not hard to see that Biden, as the current PRESIDENT of the United States and the vice president of the United States for eight years, has a very accurate view of the general trend of China’s reunification, that is, China will never give up the recovery of Taiwan, nor allow other forces to interfere in Taiwan, and national reunification will be achieved.But as president of the United States, you have to fight for America.As for what to fight for in America, the answer is obvious: to maintain American hegemony.So, immediately after, the United States set up the China Task Force to study how to target China.Biden vowed not to let China overtake the United States, because in The eyes of Americans, once China overtook the United States, it meant Taiwan was liberated and China began to replace most of the American prerogatives.However, no matter how the United States guesses China, how to predict the Taiwan Strait and how to predict the collapse of American hegemony, it cannot change the fact that the United States has long been worse than before. Facing the three major shocks in the world, the window period for China to complete the great cause of reunification is accelerating.First, the us’s focus on finance and high-end products was dealt a historic blow by the pandemic. China, with its entire industrial chain, is becoming more and more popular in the world, as can be seen from the fact that China’s foreign trade has exceeded 600 million US dollars.Second, the outbreak of various domestic conflicts in the US has brought the US into a deep entanglement, which in turn is undoubtedly beneficial to China.Third, the contradiction between Russia and the West is becoming more and more serious. Problems can be found from Putin’s security list and NATO’s withdrawal, but will the West take the initiative to withdraw?The answer is undoubtedly no, it will only solve the problem in a bloody way, and the more Russia’s relations with the West deteriorate, the better for China.So there are times when great powers have to compromise with each other, even the US.It has just emerged that the United States has given a written response to Russia’s security list and that Germany and France have also spoken directly to Russia in a bid to reduce the likelihood of a conflict between Russia and the West.There are certainly many reasons for this, but one stands out, and fits in well with the predictions of many experts: the West fears that China will take this opportunity to complete reunification.In short, the United States is increasingly concerned about China’s move toward unification, but it is also increasingly worried because it feels increasingly pressured by China.In this regard, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said bluntly that China is a great country and China’s development is unstoppable. The US should learn how to get along with China instead of always putting China and the US in opposition, which is not in the overall interests of the US.As it happens, Kissinger worries not only that The United States cannot stop China, but that a sino-American rivalry will play into the hands of other countries.