Tabu World Music Bar

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Yesterday afternoon, my friend invited me to have a drink tonight and I happily agreed.It has been a year since SHE contacted me due to the impact of COVID-19 and the fact that she is busy taking care of her children. I was surprised to receive her phone call yesterday.Small so the city of a school language teacher, teach several classes of language, and to be the class director, curriculum tight pressure.In order to take care of her, the school did not let her be the class director, and reduced her schedule, which made her a lot easier.I know Her from my classmates. Now she has joined the leadership of the school. She is very busy and has little time to play with us.In the impression of many people, teachers are regular, but less than will subvert many people’s cognition of teachers.She is cheerful and has a wide range of hobbies. She likes making friends, traveling and going to bars. The bar she chooses has a good environment and atmosphere.She invited four friends, including me, to meet at tabu World Music.The bar is located at 1227 Blu Light, Yummy Street.Facing the street, the bar is small in size, but it is exquisitely decorated and decorated.The owner is a musician who is a friend of Xiao’s.According to him, he is one of the shareholders of the bar and the main focus of the bar is music, followed by food.Catering music is his aim to open a bar.Guitars and other Musical Instruments hang on the walls of the back room near the bar.In one corner of the bar, there are microphones, microphones and tablets.In the interval of eating and drinking, the bar friends can choose songs freely and play and sing from themselves.Net popular songs “little baby”, “Chengdu”, “HEARD you far away”, “Coco tohai shepherd” and so on, were the presence of the bar friends soulful interpretation.In bars, even people who don’t know music can participate.Tabla is a beating instrument, as long as you can grasp the rhythm of the music, can also be integrated into it.It should be the simplest instrument to hold a tambourine between your legs and beat it to the rhythm of the music.Friends of the sea dragon is a music department of the discipline, in the scene of the attention of friends, he belted out a song “Baigal Lake”.His wonderful singing won everyone’s cheers and applause.Yang, an independent filmmaker, is a mastermind, screenwriter, cameraman and director who does everything himself except acting.Xiao Yang graduated from Sichuan University of Media and Communication and later went to Communication University of China for further study.Because I like writing, I have developed a strong interest in screenwriting.Around the creation of film literature script, we had a wide and in-depth communication, Xiao Yang also excitedly showed me his latest film literature script, so far has completed more than 40,000 words.I have written many essays and essays, most of them short.I’m afraid to try a long play.A good long drama requires not only a wonderful story and a fascinating plot, but also beautiful language and vivid characters.In addition, classic lines, meticulous psychological portrayal and the portrayal of conflicts are also the characteristics of a good script.However, I can start with short stories and mini-novels to improve my writing skills.World short story writers Maupassant, Chekhov, O Henry, their works short, but do not break the wonderful, can also achieve perfection.It was eleven o ‘clock when we finished drinking.Xiao Yu said the old place in the future is Tabu Music bar, it seems that she will take Tabu as a place for regular gatherings, looking forward to the next meeting!