It’s because I don’t want to believe you’re bad, just because I love you too much

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You are welcome to share it in moments and wechat groups.Public number and other platforms reprint please leave a message in the background.On January 27, U.S. President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.Reuters reported that the United States and Ukraine agreed to conduct joint operations in the future.Yet a CNN reporter wrote an analysis of “The United States and Ukraine at odds over the threat of A Russian invasion,” citing Ukrainian officials.Reuters has a completely different message than CNN.What’s going on here?Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France held an eight-hour meeting in Paris on January 26, during which the four countries agreed to “unconditionally maintain their ceasefire commitments” and accelerate the implementation of the Minsk agreement.There are only four countries meeting, which is sort of like leaving the US out in the cold.On January 23, the U.S. embassy in Kiev began to evacuate.”There is no need to panic,” Ukrainian officials said, adding: “These Americans are safer in Kiev than in Los Angeles, or any other crime-ridden city in the United States.”What seems to be happening is that the United States continues to spread propaganda about an imminent Russian “invasion” of Ukraine, only to see Ukraine, the country that first hyped the Russian military threat, cool down everywhere.This is a delicate situation.As a matter of fact, anyone can see clearly that this military confrontation is a contest between Ukraine and Russia on the surface, but in fact it is a game between the US and Russia, and Ukraine is just a puppet of the US.Is it possible that Ukraine has seen the true face of American hypocrisy and is no longer willing to be its puppet?To illustrate Ukraine’s love-hate relationship with The United States, start with Ukraine’s history.Outside Russia’s control circle, Ukraine is geographically important, with an area of 600,000 square kilometers, second only to Russia in Europe, and larger than France, Germany, Spain and other European powers.Two thirds of the land is black land, with the reputation of “the granary of Europe”.Historically, Ukraine has been a battleground, and in recent times, it has been cleaned up by Germany and the Former Soviet Union. During World War II, more than 5 million Ukrainians died fighting with the Soviet Red Army against Nazi Germany, while more than 1 million Ukrainian Jews were imprisoned or killed.Around 1932, Stalin cracked down on nationalist activities in Ukraine, which brought great disaster to ukrainians.After the collapse of the Soviet union, they think that people can no longer be control and bullying, an decided to vote independently, in accordance with the education plan, in whose home turf is belong to the young, this makes to Ukraine after Soviet Russia’s second largest estate, inherited the former Soviet union a lot of industry and technology, with good industrial foundation, great potential for development.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited a large number of troops, advanced weaponry and strategic reserves of the former Soviet Army, including 6,500 tanks, 7,150 armored vehicles, 1,500 aircraft, 350 warships, 1,272 intercontinental missile nuclear warheads, 2,500 tactical nuclear weapons and so on.It is also home to the tu-160 “White Swan” strategic bomber with a range of 16,000 kilometers, ss-18 “Satan” heavy INTERCONTINENTAL ballistic missile that can carry 10 nuclear warheads, the Black Sea shipbuilding plant that produced varyag, the predecessor of China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning, and The Madasich company that produces d-18T turbofan engines with a thrust of 23 tons.It is no exaggeration to say that the military strength of Ukraine was at the forefront of the world in terms of data only on paper at that time, and many experts and scholars even believed that its military strength once ranked third in the world after independence.It’s polite not to scare people. It’s more than enough to protect yourself.However, the weapon that would scare any opponent into scoring three points was discarded like garbage by Ukraine.In order to become a member of the European Union and NATO, Ukraine did not hesitate to let the United States bully it into doing away with its weapons.Missile nuclear weapons, nuclear submarines, large aircraft carriers, guided-missile cruisers and strategic bombers, which stood out at that time, were all sold as scrap metal.In the chaotic and complex situation of modern Europe, they dared not fight but “hugged their legs”, and since then the fate of the Ukrainian state and nation was handed over to others.By 2019, Ukraine’s air force will have a staggering 81 operational aircraft, according to statistics.It doesn’t matter if Ukraine is just throwing its weapons away, as long as you can be independent and take advantage of Russia’s energy links with Europe to focus on economic development and improving people’s living standards.But the country, which has never had a backbone, is going further and further away.In spite of the fact that Ukraine has a large Russian population and its economy is inseparable from Russia, Ukraine frequently shows good relations with the EU and NATO, which leads to intensified domestic conflicts, social tearing and oligarchy running rampant.Still taking the western prescribed “shock therapy” drugs to copy, the effect is not very good, shock did happen.Such a mess as The United States would not let go, the “orange revolution” promised.In October 2004, Ukraine held a presidential election.Mr Yushchenko, who is backed by the US, launched an opposition bid for the presidency.In the second round, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych won 49.53 percent of the vote, while Yushchenko won 46.66 percent.The United States, of course, was not happy with the outcome, and the CIA launched a full-scale public opinion campaign, discrediting Mr. Yanukovych as pro-russian and alleging that he had stolen the election.Equipped with sophisticated mobile phones, the CIA used the Internet to spread rumors of “fraud” in the Ukrainian election and distribute leaflets on the streets.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the U.S. agency for international development (usaid), the United States, the national democratic institute for international affairs, the international republican institute, non-governmental organizations freedom house and billionaire George soros’ open society institute, and the federal government funding of the national democratic foundation also not idle, provide funding to the opposition, and training them “nonviolent resistance”.On January 23, 2005, Viktor Yushchenko became the new president of Ukraine.Directed by The United States, Ukraine’s politics are like a fight between the landlords.In 2005 Mr Yushchenko and Mr Yanukovich ousted Yulia Tymoshenko, the prime minister;In 2007 President Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko ousted Viktor Yanukovych as prime minister;In 2009 Mr Yushchenko and Mr Yanukovich ousted Yulia Tymoshenko as prime minister;In 2011 Mr Yanukovich sacked Ms Tymoshenko and sent her to prison;Ms Tymoshenko returned after Mr Yanukovich fled in 2014;When civil war broke out in 2014, Mr. Poroshenko hailed the victory of democracy.The politicians went through a merry-go-round, “democracy” triumphed, but the country languished.It is deplorable that Ukraine, with its poor economy and poor life at the grassroots level, has been reduced to the status of “Europe’s red light district” and “Europe’s womb”.At the beginning of 2014, after the overthrow of pro-russian President Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine turned to the West in all directions. Russia, seeing the bad news, took back the Crimean Peninsula, which had been allocated to Ukraine by the former Soviet Union, and established two Pro-Russian regimes in Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine.With the country torn apart, Ukraine’s government has rushed into NATO’s arms.This, Russia can not tolerate, Putin ordered more than 100,000 troops to the city, 192 “Iskander” missiles deployed in place, a big wave to take Ukraine.In this game, Ukraine is betting almost entirely on the United States to stand firm in its defense of Ukrainian sovereignty.On January 19th, however, Mr Biden said that America would not go to war with Russia over a “small invasion”.On January 22, the State Department ordered the evacuation of its embassy staff and their families from January 24, and encouraged Americans in Ukraine to continue to leave the country on commercial flights.You can have weapons, but American lives will not be sacrificed for Ukraine, which needs to carry its own powder bag.America’s ally, Germany, went further, refusing to send arms outright.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his anger, saying, I hope some powers will not forget their promises.I do not want to believe that you are a bad person, wishful thinking with feelings too deep look back, Ukraine these years believe that the United States nonsense, willing to be a pawn of the United States, the fate of the country, the nation to the United States, what is in return.Fantasize about one day can follow to drink sweet eat spicy, the results are in the critical moment of abandonment, for who also want to have emotions.It is easy to understand why the POSITIONS and attitudes of the US and Ukraine differ and the media reports are so different.In the final analysis, the REASON why the US is so keen to support the so-called democracy and human rights of other countries and regions is not to help them, but to maintain its hegemonic and dominant position out of its own geopolitical interests.In the end, the only people hurt are those who believed it.Today, taking Ukraine as an example, I hope that some countries, regions and people will keep their eyes open and not believe the NONSENSE of the US. Otherwise, they will only end up with bitter consequences and regret.Pictures from the Internet