Ignoring Britain, China issued a joint statement with Afghanistan to support its claim to malvinas

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The malvinas islands belong to Argentina just as Taiwan belongs to China. China says it deeply feels the pain of the Argentine people.Some netizens believe that China should not be limited to supporting Argentina economically and militarily to make preparations for the recovery of the Malvinas. With China’s technology and military production capacity, exporting missiles and aircraft carriers to Argentina should be on the agenda.China’s disregard of “Britain” and its support for Argentina is a principle that will continue and should be used to beat the arrogance of Britain.Argentina’s leaders, unbowed by The United States’ efforts to thwart China’s hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, went on the trip.For the malvinas islands on the ownership of the problem, China has insisted that his own views, no matter how the situation will not changed, the Chinese think Argentina should the exercise of sovereignty over the falklands, the message sounds is very normal, but in Britain’s foreign secretary there is particularly harsh, he also repeatedly asked China to respect the “sovereignty”.When Argentina’s leaders attended the Winter Olympics, they issued a joint statement with China, in which Argentina adhered to the “one China” principle and China supported Argentina’s claim for full exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas.The Malvinas islands are very close to Argentina, but have been occupied by The British for centuries, but Argentina has not regained sovereignty.China stands by Argentina on the Malvinas issue. China is very understanding of Argentina.Since 1997, when Hong Kong returned to China, we have been aware of such problems, and some minor actions made by the UK in the future are also obvious. In fact, at the time of Hong Kong’s return, many western countries including the UK still tried to interfere in China’s internal affairs on the Hong Kong issue.In particular, China can understand Argentina’s pain after the loss of the Falklands. Today, the colonists can no longer do what they like. It is true that the British captured many overseas territories with their own weapons, ammunition, ships and guns, but the empire that never sets on the sun no longer exists.After all, England was just the aggressor.Now the UK, like the US, is stirring up trouble all over the world, trying to show everyone that it is still a world power.However, no matter what the UK or US do, China will not give in and will not be afraid to use their so-called “freedom of navigation” in the South China Sea.If they really want to do something in the South China Sea, China will definitely use strong means to fight back against them, so Britain must think twice before doing anything, now the British Empire has been reduced to a vassal of the United States, so do not have illusions about him, resolutely fight, only hurt him, maybe he will remember who is right.Some sources: Defense Times