I, in the funeral home struggle for 5 years, have compiled, sun out in the funeral home real income and experience

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Nowadays more and more young people after entering the social work hope to be able to find the right job, you in choosing a special post will find, in fact, some funeral home professional post is very suitable for everyone to do, if can get prepare to have a stable career in some of the iron rice bowl jobs, actually these practitioners will continue to stay,However, in the survey, we can see that there are also some young people who have worked in the post for several years and their income has reached more than 150,000 yuan, but they still can not stick to it. So what pressure and burden will they have on earth?After understanding, I saw an old employee sharing his understanding of the real income and work situation.Xiao Li explains:In fact, not all employees are able to enjoy better treatment, because everyone at the beginning when I heard a similar post graduation, may have a lot of confusion, but want to work in a year two years will be able to get the salary of more than 150000, really difficult, because there will be a very obvious limitations, many practitioners in choosing a job, in fact for jobs,Working environment and working conditions will have very strict requirements, and those college students who get less in some of the most basic post salary, actually also is forced to work on, and now some of the staff members in some special jobs, they will find that in fact for professional will also have certain requirements, if you don’t have relevant working experience, can be eliminated.And we will meet in the process of work some relatives, very excited once error or misunderstanding, there will be a certain risk, if they can’t conform to the requirements of the hard conditions, but will cut into the unit work ideas, and everyone in the face of some unknown things, actually is also the fear,So if some hesitation or young mentality state of imbalance, there is no way when performing tasks with others have a closer relationship, and this is why there will be a lot of old employees work for a period of time to choose to resign, in addition to this is because some of the common practitioners, they for some young people in the unit as well as the employees have job discrimination,This is very unscientific, because no one should look at any problem through colored glasses.Xiao li said, although in the funeral home to more than 150000, but there are preparation work is not as glamorous as you think, because most of the young people entering the work a few years later, big cities will consider talking about marriage, want to get a better marriage, want to find suitable marriage partner, is really difficult,Because someone for your professional jobs can be said to be aware, but now more and more young people begin to aware of the importance of the professional post, although in a position to have a stable source of income, but the job is too special will affect relationships, friends, or is so xiao li will find themselves after dating a few times will end in failure.Conclusion: What do you think about this?Write in the comments and talk together.Every day, we share workplace experience, workplace stories and industry cases, and record 360 real stories of people in different industries and occupations