The involved funds more than 2.1 million yuan!Yan ‘an Zhidan police arrested 3 consecutive “help letter” suspects

2022-05-27 0 By

Recently, Yan ‘an Zhidan County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade in-depth investigation, precise attack, continuous capture of 3 “help letter” suspects, involving funds of more than 2.1 million yuan.In early March 2022, the police received instructions from their superiors in their work. Zhang, a resident of Zhidan County, had abnormal funds.After receiving instructions, the criminal investigation brigade quickly organized elite police force, to carry out the work, found that zhang mou’s bank account transfer frequent, there are many unknown funds inflow and quickly turn out.So, handling the case police expand the line deep dig, quickly mastered zhang is suspected of helping telecom network fraud suspects transfer funds more than 80 million yuan and profit from the criminal facts.Police arrested Zhang in Xi ‘an and froze his bank account.Forensic team also received a “broken card” clue, through such as credit CARDS, social and family status of Wu Mou verification to be born, water anomalies found Wu Mou bank card account funds, the policemen to quickly master the Wu Mou, stone is a suspected help telecom network fraud transfer funds and profit from illegal and criminal facts.The brigade has wu mou, Stone mou captured, frozen its name involved in the bank account.After investigation, since February this year, suspect Wu mou, stone mou in knowing that others use the information network to implement fraud, still provide bank cards to others to help electric fraud suspects transfer involved funds of more than 130 million yuan, from which to obtain benefits.At present, the three suspects have been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is being further handled.