The LATEST NBA rankings!The SUNS led the bulls, the Cavs made it to the top four, and the Nets lost their seventh straight game

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On February 5, the NBA regular season ended with nine games, including Cleveland’s win over New Orleans, Chicago’s win over Indiana, SAN Antonio’s win over Houston and The Mavericks’ win over Philadelphia.Jazz, Thunder and others won, nuggets, Pistons, Blazers regret losing.The Nets lost their seventh straight game and struggled.Let’s take a look at the latest NBA standings in the East and West.The SUNS and Warriors are tied for the best record in the league, with no team losing in single digits since the SUNS ‘last loss, and the SUNS are 41-10 ahead of the Warriors for first place in the Western Conference and the league.The Warriors, who have won eight in a row, are in great shape and have closed the gap on the phoenix SUNS.Most importantly, Klay is in good shape, hitting a season high of seven 3-pointers in his last game as the Warriors make a strong run for the championship.The lakers lost 4 of 5;The lakers have lost four of their last five games, including a three-game losing streak and their last loss to the city rival Clippers.The lakers have also struggled recently, starting the season as the consensus champion, with a star-studded big three.Unfortunately, Lebron James has suffered from injuries, Westbrook has been inconsistent since joining the Lakers, and Russell has been in a mediocre state compared to his championship season due to injuries and other reasons.Of course, the lakers still have a chance to win, but they just need to cut down on injuries to earn a spot in the top six playoff teams in the Western Conference.Rocket bottom;The rockets lost to the Spurs and moved to 15-37, the worst in the western Conference and only better than the Pistons and Magic in the East.For the Rockets, it’s important that wood and Gordon get experience with their young players instead of thinking about their record in the rebuilding phase.The bull took the lead;Sasha Vucevic scored 36 points, 17 rebounds and four assists, Demar derozan scored 31 points, five rebounds and seven assists, and Dausum scored 15 points and 14 assists in the Bulls’ victory over the Pacers.With the win, the Bulls moved half a point ahead of the bulls, who had been out of the top spot due to inconsistent play.The Bulls have a lot of strength, and with a lot of injuries, they have a good chance of winning a championship this season.Knight’s top three kills;The Cavs and Hornets had a tortuous game, and when Oubre’s 3-pointer gave the Hornets a three-point lead with 46 seconds left, they were in good shape to win.Allen’s layup closed the gap, love was fouled, and he made two free throws with 1.2 seconds left to beat the Hornets by one point on the road.The Cavs are back in the top three in the Eastern Conference with a 32-21 record and a good chance of making the playoffs for the first time in the post-Lebron era, or even going straight to the playoffs.The Nets lost their seventh straight game in disgrace;The Nets lost to the Jazz in the third quarter as the jazz continued to build their lead and the game disappeared.The Nets have lost their last seven games and have struggled.Owen mononuclear led to defeat, Kevin durant, adebayor and Joe and others have been wounded, harden about the likely to Philadelphia to grace – news, plus the team recently got 7 defeats, also never had a team in NBA history in a single season 7 + title after losing streak, so the problems we face at home and abroad, many people bet against the nets title prospects.