McDonald’s China launched the “star of choice”, singer Tenger surprise interpretation of the classic spicy wheat

2022-05-27 0 By

McDonald’s China officially launched the “Stars Love Choice”, inviting “stars” from different fields to share their favorite classic McDonald’s products and love stories in the process of The Times, to convey McDonald’s love for delicious food.Tenger, a famous Chinese singer, today released his latest adaptation of McDonald’s iconic jingle “I’m Lovin ‘It I Like it”.Tenger with a unique prairie “ruthless spicy” singing, become a generation of classical songs, but also through the exploration and integration of different music styles, won the attention and love of the young generation.In this adapted work, Tenger expresses his love for spicy chicken burger and his life belief of refusing to lie flat.”We’re thrilled that McDonald’s flagship product, the Spicy Chicken Drumstick, is tenger’s ‘love of choice’,” the singer sang a rendition of the McDonald’s jingle “I’m Lovin ‘It I’m Lovin’ It.””At McDonald’s, delicious food is our biggest love and we have used our love to create classic products that generations of customers love,” said Elaine Cheung, CEO of McDonald’s China.Tenger’s singing and attitude towards life make us firmly believe in the power of love.We will continue to use our passion to create more timeless products so that everyone can find their ‘favorite’ at McDonald’s.”McSpicy Chicken burger was born in China in 1999. It is a native Chinese taste and has been McDonald’s China hamburger sales champion for many years. In the past 23 years, it has accompanied the people across China to spend countless “spicy and addictive” delicious time.McDonald’s selected high-quality white feather chicken, combined with a special marinade of chili powder, hand-wrapped powder on site, creating a crisp, spicy and juicy spicy flavor, which has won millions of consumers.From February 16 to March 15, customers can buy a Spicy chicken drumstick hamburger at McDonald’s for 9.90 yuan, and can enjoy the two-for-one, two-for-one promotion through McNuggets Delivery order. More people can enjoy the tender, juicy and spicy spicy chicken drumstick hamburger at a great value price.In addition, on 19 February 11 to 20 points, consumers to the McDonald’s restaurants to sing “I like, hot hot hot hot hot”, still have a chance to get the spicy chicken burger coupons, buy one get one with the tengger teacher “hot mouth new rap”, shout together out of love in my heart.From Feb 16 to March 15, the spicy chicken leg burger is limited to 9.9 yuan.There will also be a series of limited-time delicacies such as the Plata Chicken Spicy Chicken leg burger.