In January, 5.715 billion yuan of funds were introduced from outside the province.Honghe State to attract investment to welcome “good start”

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Establish the “six” division guarantee mechanism, improve the “four one” work mechanism, implement the “three” work method……In order to further expand the effect of investment attraction, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture has continuously innovated working ideas, vigorously implemented the business environment action, continuously enhanced services, improved procedures, improved efficiency, and achieved a “good start” in investment attraction. In January, it introduced 5.715 billion yuan of funds from outside the province, with a year-on-year increase of 36.85%.For solving project push problem, honghe set up the “six” scribing packages to group of 13 counties and cities and the “three areas”, respectively, to carry out the dispatching work, implement “chart XiaoHao” operational mechanism, the supervision to assist various counties city, “three” comb project list, ensure that talking about andpromote contract, contract and construction, promoting the production of projects and project situation full control.At present, there are 229 projects under construction in the prefecture, with a total agreement amount of 135.759 billion yuan and inventory fund of 83 billion yuan.In terms of project promotion, Honghe Prefecture has established and improved the “four one” working mechanism of one project, one link leader, one working group and one working project, and strengthened the whole-process tracking and supervision of key investment projects.The overall goal of the prefecture is decomposed into specific goals of each county and city, and the supporting goals of each county and city are refined into individual projects to ensure that there is evidence and data source can be traced.In accordance with the principle of “selecting the best from the best and selecting the best from the best”, 100 promising and potential projects will be selected as key investment attraction projects in 2022 for planning and packaging to ensure a “good start” and “stable opening” in the first quarter of 2022.Honghe related department for project execution of work, a gleam of execution of work and typical guide method, the state has landed the foreign investment enterprise, the newly introduced since 2021, talking about enterprise key projects, key investment target for 2022 enterprises and foreign chamber of commerce at various levels, such as realizing a complete coverage of visiting object, focus on the enterprise life cycle services,A first-class business environment will help a number of good enterprises and major projects deliver results.At present, a total of 1,000 enterprises “investment promotion service into 10,000 enterprises” are sorted out.Yunnan net reporter Liu Yudan correspondent Zhou Shang source: Yunnan net