In 2011, thousands of people in shandong province petitioned the court for a lighter sentence after an old man was arrested for killing his grandson

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In 2011, song Guangyin, an elderly man, killed and beat his own grandson Song Xianwang to death in a village near Sishui County, Jining city, Shandong Province.The case caused a stir in the local community, and the most surprising thing was that after the tragedy, more than 1,000 villagers signed a petition asking the court to show leniency to the murderer!What makes an old man turn on his grandson?Why did the villagers help the old man “sign a letter”?All of these, but also from the old man’s grandson – Song Xianwang.In October 1986, In Beipeng village, Sishui County, Shandong province, Song Guangyin’s family welcomed the good news that his son Song Zhaoping was happy to have a baby and gave birth to a fat son. This meant that Song Guangyin became a grandfather, and he was already old and full of expectations for the future happiness of his family.But instead of bringing much joy to the Song family, the arrival of the child was the beginning of trouble.When the country was developing, many young people went to big cities to work and earn money to support their families, leaving behind a large number of left-behind children and elderly people.Song Guangyin’s son and daughter-in-law are no exception. The couple leave the old man to take care of their son Song Xianwang.Song xianwang’s grandmother, however, song Lao Han was old enough to live without his grandson. The child gradually became arrogant and insolent, and became stubborn.In 1993, Song Xianwang seven years old, began to read primary school to read the first grade, at this time he has been a “little devil”, he was absent from school at will, fighting in the school is basic routine, the first grade just finished, the school angrily expelled it.It turned out that Song Xianwang had no fun learning to read. Despite how his grandparents and parents persuaded him, his mouth was worn out, but he still refused to repent and would not go back to school.Song Guangyin, his wife and their son and daughter-in-law were all peasants who lacked education and had been honest all their lives. They thought that if their child did not want to go to school, he would at most be a illiterate farmer. Since he did not want to go to school, it would be better not to let him starve to death.Little do they know, the curse has been quietly buried.Since then Song Xianwang all day in Pengjiazhuang to make trouble, make the village people suffering unblemished, since dropping out of school, the threshold of the Song family are fast to be the door of the people who have been broken.Every time someone came to complain, Song Zhaoping is not hit a gas to catch Song Xianwang is a beating.Song Xianwang’s parents do not have much culture, will not speak what big truth, the son’s education is also simple and rough, which further caused the misunderstanding of Song Xianwang’s thoughts, when he was beaten by his parents at a young age, he beat, but on the hypocrisy, only wait for their own ability, then no one can control their own!Sure enough, when he reached puberty, Song Xianwang’s rebellious psychology became more serious, and at this time he was already a strong young man, and his parents could no longer lay hands on him like before.Moreover, every time Song xianwang’s father wanted to preach, Song xianwang would not listen to him, and sometimes angered him, he would even attack his father.That’s what he learned from his old man. Isn’t that what he taught himself when he was a kid?Now he’s grown up, and if daddy doesn’t like it, just do the same thing and show him!In this way, Song Xianwang was completely free of restraint at home. He no longer suppressed the wildness in his heart, but acted willfully and did many evil things in the village and the vicinity.He formed evil friends with the local bullies and hooligans. He loafed all day, prowling around in and out of the village, taking people to beat each other if they were not happy. Many people dared not speak up, but if he said a word, Song Xianwang would dare to rush to each other’s house to make trouble, or find opportunities to beat them.Gradually, Song Xianwang became an omnipotent bully and was shunned.Song Xianwang does not do proper work, but spend money but lavish, he likes to eat lazy, did not think about going out to work to earn money, but to mix with the hooligans all day “natural and unrestrained”, no money can do?So he was always going home to ask for money from his parents. If his parents were not there, he would ask for money from his grandparents.Don’t give?Song xianwang would beat up his parents, even his elderly grandfather.That day, Song xianwang wanted to have a drink with someone, but he didn’t have any money in his pocket, so he went to his grandfather song Guangyin to ask for money.Song Guangyin’s wife is in poor health. In order to cure his illness, the old man has been saving money, but he is not willing to give the money to the gangster grandson.As a result, Song xianwang became furious and punched his grandfather. While the old man was unconscious, he robbed the family of all their money and went to have a fling with his friends.For a long time, Song Xianwang’s parents were afraid of their son like a tiger. They would rather work outside all the year round than go home to see this bastard son. They tried to hide from him.In this way, Song Xianwang was a little unhappy. After all, his grandparents did not have much money, and his parents hid from him. In order to continue indulging, he gradually embarked on the road of crime.At first, Song xianwang focused his attention on the villagers, often asking them to “borrow money”.It’s called borrowing money, but in fact, everyone knows that this guy is borrowing money without paying back.If the other party did not lend him money, Song would often swear or threaten him with force. Most people in the village lent him money because they had no choice but to do so for their own safety.When a person gives up morality, allowing evil to grow in his heart, his greed is destined to be unable to fill, can only go further and further on the road of crime.Song Xianwang ran amok in the village, extortion, theft, and finally for their own consequences.In 2002, song xianwang was arrested for robbery and sentenced to six years in prison when he was 16.It is worth mentioning that after Song Xianwang was arrested and put into prison, Pengjiazhuang ushered in a long-lost peace.Without the “village bully”, the villagers no longer need to worry about someone stealing into the house when sleeping, Song Xianwang’s parents do not have to avoid their son and dare not go home, the village is obviously much more peaceful.Song xianwang’s parents naively thought that after the incident, their son would realize the cruelty of society and the strict law, and be well reformed in prison.However, they think too much.Song Xianwang from the lack of education, adult contact is more rogue bullies, his ideological personality has been corroded, even if it is to experience the prison disaster, he did not initiate the idea of a new life, but is worse.Song Xianwang’s criminal experience In prison, there was no lack of friction and struggle with people, resulting in the release of Song Xianwang’s temper more violent, often to fight people.He was not proper work, after being released from prison more can not find a job, soon in the vicinity of the old line of thievery, the village people know what he is, what things were stolen, do not want to know who is doing, but the most mouth scold two, no one dare to provoke him.For a long time, Song Xianwang became more and more audacious, even in the daytime when he dared to steal in the village, robbery and extortion is not the least, such a result is a repeat of the past, he was soon arrested again.In 2008, Song xianwang was sentenced to a year in prison for theft.A few days after his release the following year, he continued to steal and was detained for 15 days before being sentenced to one year and nine months in a Labour camp.After the first time in prison, Song Xianwang spent most of his life in prison. He seemed to get used to the lawless life. After entering prison for many times, he did not fear the prison, but gradually got used to it.Jail was supposed to be a deterrent for criminals, but that didn’t work for Song, who became more brazen and flouted the law.And the people of the village would suffer.Unbearable, the old man is forced to pain next killer as a result of Pengjiazhuang young adult year-round outside work, Song Xianwang has nothing to fear, he is unscrupulous in the village “borrow money”, theft, as long as who dares to disobey, he will start a fight, almost become Pengjiazhuang “earth emperor”.The people in the village were suffering, hoping that there would be a hero who would eradicate this wicked bastard!As a result, before long, there really appeared a person ended Song Xianwang’s short and evil life, but let the villagers never thought of is that this person will be Song Guangyin – Song Xianwang’s grandfather.It was 11 o ‘clock at night on September 2, 2011, song Xianwang’s grandfather.The old man Song Guangyin had been lying in bed into the sleep, as a result he suddenly heard outside the door of a violent knock, knock on the door of the side of the loud Shouting, hoarse voice, like crazy general.Song Guangyin knew it was his wicked grandson as soon as he heard the voice, and he must have been drinking.The old man frowned and did not want to open the door for the bastard, but Song Xianwang waited outside for so long that he almost broke the door. The old man had no choice but to get out of bed and open the door.As soon as he opened the door, as expected, the strong smell of alcohol swept over his face, and his grandson Song Xianwang staggered into Song Guangyin’s home.Seeing him reeking of alcohol, old Man Song frowned and asked, “Why do you come to see me so late?”As a result, Song Xianwang launched a drunken madness on the spot and ruthlessly shouted: “How, nothing I can’t come to you here is it?You don’t think I’ve called you too often?”Song Guangyin only felt this unworthy grandson unreasonable, but afraid of provoking him, had to suppress the anger in the heart, silent.Song Xianwang entered the room after the eyes disorderly, found that there are just some peanuts and a few bottles of beer on the table, want to be before the song old man to eat the rest, he went to drink, and then slowly to the Song old man said: “I just came to tell you a news, I recently made a girlfriend!”He naively thought that his grandson had finally come to his senses and had a girlfriend, so that he could live a normal life from now on. He laughed and said, “That’s a good relationship. You should treat other girls well in the future…”He wanted to take the opportunity to persuade his grandson, but Song Xianwang impatiently interrupted him: “The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, I am thinking of going to my girlfriend’s home, but I can’t go empty-handed, I have to spend money to prepare…”Said, Song Xianwang made up a lot of reasons to find song old man for money.Song Guangyin was also very happy, the results of a listen to the money the whole person like being poured a basin of cold water, gas teeth to shiver – this is where to pay what girlfriend, is clearly a way to money!Seeing that old Man Song had read his mind, Song Xianwang gave up pretending and said, “If you don’t give me the money today, I’ll set your house on fire!”Say that finish he let song old man a personal headache, oneself is deliciously to drink a small wine.Sad song old man wandering alone at the door, think of this grandson over the years to do, the old man was heartbroken, he remembered that he had been beaten by this bastard thing, the heart is disappointed, just at this time Song Xianwang wine attack, the whole person drunk, sitting in a chair shout big sleep.Song old man knew, this son of a bitch once wake up after seeing no money, will absolutely fight him again, but where to get money for him?For so many years, Song Xianwang had done all kinds of bad things in the village, making himself and his son and daughter-in-law unable to hold their heads up in front of people. Now, he even forced the old grandfather into a desperate situation!”Instead of letting this wretch continue to do evil, I will do god’s work and remove this abomination!”Song old man spirit lost his head, impulse, he picked up the hammer at home, while Song Xianwang sleep, anger hit up!Blood burst, anger hit a few, Song Guangyin deep fear he will not die up to revenge themselves, and with the axe to repair, after looking at the body of Song Xianwang, the old man face numbness, he found a piece of cloth to cover the grandson’s body, open the door, alone walked more than 20 miles, came to the police station to surrender.The tragedy happened, the villagers jointly petitioned the court for a light sentence “I killed, I hit his own grandson!”When he surrendered himself to the police station, Song old man could no longer suppress the grief in his heart and cried out this sentence.Police station after hearing the police was very shocked, what is the reason, let a sixty year-old man to his own grandson pain under the killer?Under the questioning of the police, Song Old man confessed to his criminal facts, he is willing to accept legal sanctions.When the police asked him why he killed him, the old man’s face was sad. He said his grandson was too vicious and the village would not be peaceful unless he was killed.But even so, the old man who has recovered from the impulse still has some regrets.After the event, the police through the visit, that the old man said true, the dead Song Xianwang is indeed killed by song Guangyin old man, the conduct of the dead as the old man said, evil, in Pengjiazhuang oppress villagers for many years.But the law is the law, no matter what reason song Old man has, for what purpose, he violated the law must accept legal sanctions.However, it was not long before more than 1,000 villagers in Pengjiazhuang voluntarily wrote a six-page “joint letter” listing the villager’s crimes over the years and expressing their hope that the court would give Song a lighter sentence.The letter, which the village committee handed over to the government, was densely signed with the villagers’ names and handprints.Therefore, on October 9, 2011, the court sentenced Song to three years in prison for killing Sun.It has to be said that the joint letter played a certain role in the sentencing of the whole case, otherwise Song would have been sentenced to more than three years in prison.What does this case leave us thinking about?It is a tragedy for an old man to kill his grandson, whether it is for the people or not. What causes Song Xianwang to become a demon?In the final analysis, it comes down to education.Song Xianwang’s parents had been working outside for a long time, so he became a left-behind child. He lacked the care and timely education of his parents. If his parents could pay more attention to his child and do more ideological education, the tragedy might have been avoided.Later, China specifically aimed at the education problems of left-behind children, issued “programs and measures to help left-behind children”, now compulsory education has been popularized, which shows that China’s education work is becoming more and more perfect, I hope that with the deepening of education work in society, can prevent similar tragedies from the root.