Huai ‘an Industrial Park: adhere to the “cultivate stock, expand increment”, the economic operation is stable and good

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Since this year, Huai ‘an Industrial Park has earnestly implemented the various decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, adhered to the principle of “cultivating stock and expanding increment”, made great efforts to achieve a stable and good start in the first quarter, and promoted the high-quality leap-forward development of the park to take solid steps.First, the whole process of operation and monitoring.In strict accordance with the statement of responsibility for economic development goals, major economic indicators such as gross industrial output value and fixed asset investment will be implemented to specific enterprises and projects, and accurate to every key time point.We will improve the mechanism for monitoring, analyzing and reporting on economic performance, monitor the production and operation of key enterprises in real time, and pay close attention to their orders, product prices, invoicing and sales, employment, capital demand, and electricity consumption, so as to help enterprises solve their development problems.Second, the whole chain of industrial cultivation.We implemented the “Ten Measures for Stabilizing Foreign Investment” and other policies, improved and revised the Incentive Measures for Supporting High-quality Development of Enterprises and The Compilation of Policies for Assisting Enterprises. We pooled resources, factors and policies to foster key enterprises such as Shilian Chemical, Fuqiang New Materials and Napese to become high-end and intelligent.Give full play to the role of the new material innovation center, promote the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises, and promote the implementation of the mode of “government application, production, education and research”;We will accelerate the implementation of “small upgrade” for enterprises that have recently started production, and foster a number of high-growth enterprises with strong innovation consciousness and great development potential.Vigorously support ikewei, Huaijiang Technology, Heyutai and other enterprises to become small giants of science and technology, “specialized and special new” enterprises, comprehensively improve the level of industrial development.Third, we need to expand capacity to guide the “all-directional” development.Timely master superior preferential policies, support funds and key projects to strive for conditions, actively docking, combined with the actual enterprise, to help enterprises do a good job of strive for work;Guide enterprises to increase investment, accelerate the construction of technological renovation projects, and form new growth points as soon as possible;Accelerate the organization and implementation of technological transformation projects listed in the plan but not yet implemented.Up to now, the total industrial output value, added value, fixed asset investment, industrial investment, and foreign trade and import and export have increased by 22.7%, 7.1%, 16.3%, 32.5%, and 21.2% year-on-year respectively. It is expected that the main economic indicators in the first quarter will maintain double-digit growth.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: