“Go to the grassroots in spring” pegatron: Change winter leisure into winter busy “plum experts” to deliver knowledge

2022-05-27 0 By

(media reporters Gong the g just Mr Wang ray topaz) DongXian season not idle, to seriously implement the party’s sixth plenary of the nineteenth spirit, focus on consolidating expand poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization work requirements, hoxud county township, village, actively carry out various forms of training activities, farmers and herdsmen the masses of all nationalities to take an active part in,Learning knowledge and technology has become an important way for farmers and herdsmen to improve their quality and get rich.A few days ago, there was a lot of excitement in the prune planting field in The Village of Zegede ‘en Aqi in Xintaer Township of Hesuo County. Xintaer township invited fan Dengyi, a local “expert of prune”, to the orchard and explained in detail the key technology of prune management to the villagers.In the training process, Fan Dengyi explained the planting essentials and pruning methods of prune trees in detail through on-site teaching, and gave careful and detailed answers to the cultivation technology questions raised by the present staff. The crowd took out their mobile phones to take photos and learned pruning techniques seriously.”Last year we wanted to plant prune trees,” said Huang Liangbing, a villager from Zegedeen Atzi Village, Xintage Township, Hesuo County. “Today, the village organized us to learn how to plant prune trees, and I plan to plant more than 10 prune trees this year.”The village of Zedern Atz in Xintaire township actively adjusted the planting structure and guided the villagers to plant prune. Now, with the good income of prune planting, the farmers planting prune in the village have benefited.Fan Dengyi was one of the beneficiaries, becoming one of the first prune farmers when the plant was promoted in his village.Talking about income, Fan Dengyi said happily: “this year I planted plum also to the harvest, I planted 32 acres of land, the net income of 200,000 yuan, everyone see me this benefit is very good, the village neighbors also want to plant, I want to put the technology, planting experience to everyone to say, common exchange, common prosperity.”In recent years, Hesuo County based on the unique climate, water and soil, light and heat resources advantage, in accordance with the principle of “adapt measures to local conditions, suitable for trees, prominent key points, rational layout”, issued a number of preferential policies, formulate new ideas and specific measures for the development of characteristic forestry and fruit industry, promote the planting of prune in the whole county.At present, the planting area of prune has reached 13,000 mu, and it has become an important channel for local farmers to increase their income and become rich.Hoxud county in 2022, will adhere to in accordance with the “stable grain, superior red, with strong fruit, livestock, and promote the characteristic” development ideas, to form a prune association, prune standardization production technology specification, promotion of dinosaur eggs, prune high-quality varieties, guiding the flow small orchard, concentrated fruit development courtyard, creating standardized demonstration garden, three plans to add prunes 2000 mu.