Does lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion need to rest in bed for a long time?

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Does lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion need to rest in bed for a long time?Convalescent little science sensory motor therapy, convalescent little science.Does lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion need to rest in bed for a long time?The answer is basically no, lumbar disc herniation does not have to be bed rest all the time, depending on the specific situation.If it is an acute patient with lumbar disc herniation, the need for absolute bed rest, bed time is generally in two or three days to three or four weeks, according to the specific situation of the patient to determine.The reason is: in the acute phase of activity, may increase the degree of protrusion and thus increase the symptoms, but also may not increase the degree of protrusion, but also increase the symptoms, more painful.Therefore, bed rest is needed to reduce the compression of lumbar disc herniation on the nerve root, reduce clinical symptoms, reduce local edema, make the edema around the nerve absorption faster, nerve recovery faster, and clinical symptoms are reduced faster.Therefore, in the acute phase must be bed rest.However, after the acute phase, prolonged bed rest is not recommended.Once a lumbar disc herniation is found in the examination, some people are afraid to do exercise and are very cautious, even lying in bed for several months.Be beneficial to the illness not necessarily so, the reason has the following points: it is, lie in bed for a long time, can make the blood circulation of the body becomes poor, organizational function decreases, lymphatic fluid circumfluence becomes slow, easy to cause oedema.Second, long-term bed, muscle strength will decline, muscle will also be lost, so the stability of the lumbar spine will decline, the muscles around the lumbar spine can not protect the lumbar spine, lumbar spine will be more likely to be injured.Third, long-term bed rest will lead to bone loss and induce osteoporosis. If the strength of lumbar spine and lower limb bones decreases, and joint flexibility gradually decreases, the pain caused by non-lumbar disc herniation in the waist will be aggravated.Four is, lie in bed for a long time, the central nervous control muscle ability decline, will lead to balance ability, coordination ability decline, improve the risk of falling.Five is, lie in bed for a long time, heart and lung endurance will also drop, will feel breathless when undertaking exercise later, endurance will become poor.Six, long-term bed, will also have a certain impact on the psychological, easy to fatigue, self-abandonment, energy is not good.Based on the above six points, patients with lumbar disc herniation who have passed the acute phase had better not stay in bed for a long time.But when the activity should pay attention to, do not bend over heavy load, also do not sit for a long time, long standing can be.