Wei Laiguo, a sharpshooter, killed a company, 6 times on the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum, then what happened

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When you think of a marksman, the first image that comes to mind is probably a cool guy dressed in black, holding a state-of-the-art gun.Marksmen in TV series are usually well equipped and heavily armed, so it is generally assumed that marksmen must be fully trained, equipped with a full range of guns and equipment, and operate under the most foolproof conditions.Modern sharpshooters are indeed so good, but during the War of Resistance against Japan, such favorable conditions were not available, and it was a very common phenomenon to add millet and rifle to the army.Amazingly, under these difficult conditions, some sharpshooters were born in the Communist army.They hit every shot and played an important role on the battlefield.Among these sharpshooters, one was very outstanding. With his superb skills, he destroyed a company alone on the battlefield and even climbed to the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum six times with excellent achievements.His later outcome also let a person not help TSK TSK surprised, this person, is the sharpshooter Wei Laiguo.The Communist Party came into being in the era of heavy artillery fire and poverty and weakness.On the land of blood and tears, the Communist Party of China actively resisted foreign enemies, prepared troops, and struggled one after another to drive the imperialists out of China.But without the help of others, it is not easy to resist foreign enemies.Of course, the Communist Party did not give up in the face of this situation.They still held the belief of victory and fought hard.Without food and clothing, they desperately saved supplies and fought hard against hunger and cold.Without weapons, he bayonets the enemy.”Chop off the big knife to the devil’s head” this sentence, is absolutely not empty.Later, the Devil was beaten away, but the war did not end.The War of liberation broke out out of necessity because the Kuomintang broke the treaty in bad faith.Although fighting with the Kuomintang is not the original intention of the Communists, but forced, the Communist party for the people, for the sake of the country, can only take up arms to fight.Against the Kuomintang, the Communists still had no advantage in their equipment.The Kuomintang, supported by the American military, was sent in droves of equipment to their arsenals.But the Communist Party did not flounce, they have used the most rudimentary equipment and weapons to fight the Japanese, the face of the Kuomintang will not fight fear.When the War of Liberation began, the Communist Party was still not so rich in guns and ammunition and not so advanced in equipment.In this case, the respected sharpshooter Wei Guo lai, in the flames of war repeatedly built a miracle, a hundred shots, with the least ammunition to create a miraculous record.Who was the wei?As a sharpshooter, Wei can be regarded as a gifted sniper, but also located in the top position of the sniper.Born in a rural family, It was difficult for Wei to have enough to eat when he was young, let alone receive systematic shooting training.Poor Wei guo to a life is extremely hard, they eat every day did not say next meal, the village was also evil Japanese occupation.Wei Laiguo spent every day in fear.The Wei Laiguo family even went to other places to build temporary homes in order to avoid the invasion of small devils.So little Wei Laiguo decided to drive the Japanese out of China.Due to his poor family, Wei dropped out of school early.But Wei laiguo dropped out of school, and did not stop learning, he continued to expand his horizons through self-study, understanding the Communist Party of China and Marxism.Thus, wei Laiguo, less than 20 years old, set foot on the road of seeking truth and justice and joined the Communist Party of China.The War of Resistance against Japanese aggression finally came to an end after arduous fighting.Then, the war of liberation came, Wei Laiguo at this time is already a strong young man, he can early liberation and independence of the motherland, participated in the war of liberation.With the experience of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Wei laiguo made many remarkable achievements in the War of liberation, and even won the title of “marksman”.Shandong was an important position at that time.In the war to defend Shandong, facing the menacing Kuomintang, our party made a comprehensive plan, but there is still a problem troubling everyone, that is, ammunition is very limited, so our army must maximize their use.Soon, the war entered the white-hot stage, in the Blue Gezhuang, our army had already set an ambush, ready to annihilate the enemy here.At that time, the Kuomintang knew the equipment condition of our army, so their heart was a little underestimate of the enemy, after all, our guns in the hands of the most backward models, even ammunition are seriously short.But as the enemy closed in, they soon discovered a problem.There was a soldier in a trench not far away who was firing almost every shot!Yes, that is ambush in this wei laiguo comrade, after he lie prone to cover, leisurely to the enemy in front of the shooting, with the sound of a gun, the enemy fell.The good times did not last long. Wei Lai, an almost perfect marksman, was soon locked by the enemy. The enemies switched their targets and concentrated their fire on wei Lai’s position.Facing the enemy’s concentrated firepower, Wei Laiguo did not panic at all, he gave full play to the fine quality of a sniper, calm and calm.In this way, the enemy’s offensive was useless before wei lai.Wei laiguo’s heroic deeds soon became known. He continued to fight with his troops without arrogance or impetuosity.In every battle since then, he has played his highest level of shooting, the enemy fear.By the end of the war, The name of Wei Laiguo had been known throughout the army, and even Chairman MAO admired him very much. He even received Wei laiguo in person and had a long talk with him.The founding ceremony was held in Beijing half a year later. Wei Laiguo stepped onto the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum as a war hero and witnessed the historic moment.In the following five national Days, Wei laiguo were invited to the tower, it can be seen that his high contribution.Later in the special period, Wei Laiguo’s lover needed to go to the farm to receive transformation, people around Wei Laiguo advised him to draw a line under his wife.But Wei laiguo did not do so. He resolutely went to the farm with his wife to tide over the difficulties with her.Later, the couple made it through the period, their jobs were reinstated and they returned to city life.Such a famous marksman, not only in career has made great achievements, in the emotional is also a worthy of trust of the hero.Wei died holding his wife’s hand in hospital in 2014.Although his life is over, but his sincere patriotism and the good quality of never abandoning his wife is worth every future generations to learn.