The Legend of Miao Wangtun (2) the 253rd time

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Week Davu and full yuan Yuan things left for the time being not old.In fact, Zhou Da was most concerned about the iron cable bridge. He was afraid that the Datong army would take the opportunity to cross the bridge and disturb his rear.”Is the bridge still there?” he asked eagerly.The school replied, “It’s broken.”Governor Zhou thought to himself: “But this is good, huajiang wire has been broken, the loss of thousands of troops is what, I have no worries in the rear.When I get back, I can rest assured and boldly, righteously ask her younger sister to go to her elder sister, as well as those younger sisters, and he usually robbed, embezzled the wealth of all over the house.”On the one hand, Governor Zhou appeased. wen Desheng’s people, on the other hand, she wrote a letter to appease her aunt, telling them to handle the funeral of old aunt Chen first, and I will arrange the pension for you when I come back.On the one hand, he sent a letter of apology to Liu Yuezhao, governor of Yungui, saying, “My subordinates were ordered to lead the army to suppress the bandits of Datong, but it has not worked for half a year.The subordinates have been following the instructions of the governor, taking a steady and steady attack, step by step, “ye ze and fish” operational policy, has recently advanced to the vicinity of the eradication of thieves.But under the general army Wen Desheng subordinates Chen Changyou due to a moment of carelessness, mistake in the thief bandits ambush, the loss of five or six thousand soldiers.Investigate its reason, actually is this governor army is lax, use will improper, cause great loss to the country, for this special letter request governor to remove post to stay, before serving an army, in order to make up for the fault, with is punishment code: yun Yun:…….”When Liu yuezhao received the letter, he was shocked and then calmed down.I said to myself, “People are not sages.Besides, victory or defeat is a soldier’s common thing, I think that zhou Davu’s wife is rich and color, recall that the governor’s wife with fat breasts and buttock, compared with my slim lady to be a turn of charm, to now still leave a bit of aftertaste!Cut him some slack. There’s only two more times.Think that week davu is also a handsome ability, such as the removal of his post, who of?A last-minute switch would be awkward and cause more trouble.It would be better to settle down and wait for the destruction of the Datong army. If there is nothing to worry about, it would be better to settle accounts with the late Autumn. That is the way of imperial generals.When I write a letter, I will first reassure him, and then make him work for me. This is what is called making up for what has been done before.”This Liu Yuezhao many times exterminated rebels, can tolerate the merits and faults of the general, this is his royal will use the high and bright place.Qing Yungui governor Liu Yuezhao approved the transfer of guizhou governor Zhou Davu’s resignation: the book slightly cloud: “My brother Davu: received the letter, the old saying, victory and defeat is often a soldier.It is important to know oneself.But my brother, one, can know the army suffering.Two, can self-discipline, take the initiative to punish.Third, it is a rare virtue to be able to take responsibility for the crime on behalf of the subordinate.Is the so-called mistakes can be changed, no matter what, you and other SINS, this should be reported to China, such as pursuing its responsibility, you should be removed, Wen Desheng crime when beheading.For the present, I will temporarily forgive you, you should make up for your mistakes, if there is another mistake, I fear I can not forgive.Remember to err on the side of caution…At such a time.”Zhou Davu received the book, the boss package letter, is really grateful.Thought: “do not waste his wife at the beginning of that cross efforts.And above all, to be brothers to each other, and to hear them so dear, would make me useless!”So the week Davu will also call Wen Desheng, the same process, first reprimanded a turn, and then take the grace and power and three methods, teach yuhua Xian a day, and then please sell to appease a turn, the Wen Desheng wu is moved like a son to Lao Zi, in awe, respect Week Davu such as regeneration parents, li Surface loyalty, obedient.How lucky the Qing Dynasty is!Actually got Liu Yuezhao, Zhou Davu, Cen Yuying such generals, is also suitable for countless qing Qi, datong from time to time.Wen Desheng was dismissed from his post and given punishment for his crimes before joining the army.How dare such a general, having rendered meritorious service for his crimes, refuse to die for them?Moreover, general Zhang and General Yang led the enemy deep into the qing army and defeated The army of Wen Desheng. They thought they had won a great victory and were waiting to demonstrate their achievements.But king Miao was there crying bitterly, oh, my God!If you two don’t blow up the bridge, I will take this opportunity to kill you and then send another army to defend the Huajiang bridge. At this time, his Yunnan-Gui army will be concentrated and blocked in southwest Guizhou. By the time he reaches beipan River, I am afraid that Guiyang and Anshun will have been captured by our Datong army.”