Father donated blood 100 times, son relays with love Senior three students donate blood free for special “coming of age ceremony”

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Hubei Daily news (Reporter Zeng Li, correspondent Nie Donghang) On January 29th, Wang Kangwen, a senior three student, came to wuhan Blood Center and donated a therapeutic amount of platelets, which was his coming-of age ceremony when he turned 18 years old, and also the starting point of his blood donation.According to reports, Wang Kangwen’s father named Wang Xiaolong, is a network from media workers.Since June 2013, Wang xiaolong has donated blood 105 times with 149 treatment doses.He is not only a senior blood donor who has donated blood for one hundred times, but also the winner of wuhan Good Samaras honor in 2008.In Wang kangwen’s mind, his father, along with other brave citizens, was the embodiment of strength, courage and justice when he tackled suspected street thieves.Father donated blood 100 times, saved people in danger, is the pride of the family.When he was in junior high school, he had accompanied his father to donate blood for many times and “audited” a lot of knowledge about voluntary blood donation, knowing the importance of voluntary blood donation for clinical rescue of patients.Wang Kangwen celebrates his 18th birthday on December 25, 2021.Just after his birthday, he proposed the idea of donating blood, which was unanimously approved by his parents.After the blood donation, Wang kangwen said: “my father insisted on donating blood 100 times, I hope to follow in my father’s footsteps, have their own 100 times, 200 times or even 300 times of blood donation trophy!”Source: Guangming network integrated Jingchu network