“Beyond tragedy”!Who warns…

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The cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases globally is now approaching 400 million.Many countries around the world have yet to pass the peak of the omicron strain of the virus, world Health Organization (WHO) officials said Thursday.Who officials warn that the omicron strain remains dangerous and cannot ignore the fact that it has killed half a million people since its discovery.The WHO said the death toll was “beyond the scope of tragedy”.

Since the omicron strain was discovered in November last year, there have been 130 million new confirmed cases and 500,000 new deaths worldwide.Abdi Mahmood, the WHO’s COVID-19 response officer, said it was “really sad” that the omicron variant was “mild, while ignoring the fact that half a million people have died since it was discovered,” following the availability of a proven vaccine.Maria van Khove, technical director of the WHO’s Health emergencies programme, said the number of confirmed cases of the Omikron strain was “alarming” and that its spread had led to a surge of cases that dwarfed previous peaks.Maria van Kerhoff says many countries have not yet passed the peak of omicron infection.To her great dismay, the number of new deaths has increased in recent weeks, indicating that “the virus remains dangerous.”The omikron epidemic has led to record new cases in many countries, with daily cases in the United States once topping 1 million.In January alone, there were more than 20 million new cases and more than 96,000 deaths in the United States.In this context, some countries are or intend to ease restrictions to varying degrees, citing their high vaccination rates and the relatively mild disease caused by the omicron strain, which is more contagious.Who officials expressed concern about this trend earlier this month, reminding governments to proceed in a steady, slow manner.Source: CCTV finance, reference news editor: Su Wen proofread: Wang He Nan Supervisor: Zhao Jialin China announced a new list of 64 confirmed cases a day!The epidemic is escalating in this area