86 years old neurologist: insomnia is not terrible, remember “3 do 3 don’t do”, may improve

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Insomnia, a non-organic form of insomnia, is a condition in which the quality and quantity of sleep is unsatisfactory for a considerable period of time.The common symptoms of insomnia are difficulty falling asleep, decreased sleep quality, decreased sleep time, decreased memory and attention.Relevant data show that more than 300 million people in China have sleep disorders, 80% of whom are young. Insomnia is getting younger and younger. At the same time, more than 30% of the people who search the keywords “insomnia” search after midnight, and they ask for help on their mobile phones while “insomnia”.Among young people with insomnia, 69.3% of them go to sleep after 23 o ‘clock, while 34.8% of them take a long time to fall asleep and find it difficult to fall asleep within half an hour. The lack of sleep quality has seriously affected their daily work and study.01 Causes of insomnia 1, irregular work and rest: if you sleep too much during the day, or have the habit of staying up late, will lead to insomnia symptoms.2, improper diet: if you drink coffee or strong tea before going to bed, it may affect sleep, coffee and strong tea have drinks that affect sleep components, leading to the appearance of insomnia symptoms.3, if the pressure is high, the mind is heavy, daydreaming, will also lead to insomnia.4, sleeping environment is too noisy, bedroom color is too bright, will affect the quality of sleep.5, age: insomnia and age are closely related, the older the more prone to insomnia, plus more frequent night urination, light sleep, easy to wake up, the symptoms of insomnia in the elderly are more obvious.02 Insomnia remember “3 do 3 do not do”, or can improve 3 do 1, eat some sleep aid food: usually can eat some fresh vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and trace elements, to improve insomnia has a certain help.Red dates, date kernel, oatmeal, brown rice, these foods also help to improve insomnia.If there are symptoms of insomnia, you can first adjust the diet, reasonable and balanced nutrition, prevent the appearance of insomnia symptoms.2, regulate the mood: emotional regulation can promote the treatment of insomnia, in many causes of insomnia, patients may be due to mental tension, anger, anger and so on caused by sleep.Before going to bed, people can comfort themselves, regulate bad mood, or reduce the symptoms of insomnia.3, regular work and rest: sunrise and sunset, adhere to the good habit of regular work and rest, go to bed on time, go to bed early and get up early, can effectively avoid insomnia symptoms.Adhere to a good sleep and rest habits, regular from regular rest, then physiological substances will automatically adjust, let people easily fall asleep, it is best not to stay up late.3 do not do 1, avoid long sleep during the day: especially in winter, the cold weather, many people have the habit of taking a nap, if the nap time is long, may appear the symptoms of insomnia at night.Nap the best sleep about 1 hour is the best, can nourish, also do not affect the night’s sleep.2, before going to bed do not drink exciting drinks: it is best not to drink coffee, drinks such exciting tea, theophylline inside the caffeine, theophylline and so on is easy to cause nerve excitement, let a person appear insomnia symptoms.3, do not drink to help sleep: when many people have difficulty falling asleep, they will drink a small amount of alcohol to help sleep, thinking that they can numb the nerves to fall asleep quickly.As everyone knows, the way of drinking to help sleep is very harmful to blood vessels, resulting in fragile blood vessels. In the long run, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, causing great harm to the body.If you want to have a good sleep quality, you can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed, drink a cup of hot milk, avoid playing with your phone for a long time in bed, develop a good habit of self-discipline, and avoid long-term insomnia, gradually vicious cycle.For more exciting content, follow Dr. Zhang’s health chat