Yiyang Yuanjiang: Stand good Spring Festival post traffic police watch citizens safe

2022-05-25 0 By

The traffic police stick to their posts in the cold.Massachusetts moment yiyang January 28 – (correspondent Chen Shiyu son Shi Fukang) Spring Festival approaching, to protect during the Spring Festival transportation on road traffic safety within their respective jurisdictions, January 26th morning, ruanjiang city traffic police brigade organization police entered the jurisdiction yi yuan level highway raids station, city passenger transport station, etc. To carry out safety checks, resolutely forestall defuse affect travel road transportation of all kinds of risks,We will strictly investigate key traffic violations such as overcrowding and overloading, carry out all-around traffic safety publicity, guide people to travel safely during the Spring Festival, and create a good road traffic environment.At half past nine in the morning, the biting wind accompanied by more and more big rain, traffic police station has stuck to the post for three hours, during the traffic police into yuan passenger vehicles for overload, epidemic prevention safety inspection.In yuanjiang city passenger terminal, Liu Wenfeng and his teammates carried out safety checks on passenger vehicles. While checking fire appliances, they reminded drivers and passengers to wear safety belts and masks to travel safely.Liu Wenfeng, who lives in Yiyang, joined the traffic police brigade in 2013, his ninth year in the job.Every Spring Festival, he sticks to his duty on the frontline and cannot go home to visit his mother. Talking about his old mother who is alone at home, the 40-year-old man’s voice trembled a little.Like liu stabilizing peak traffic police are not alone, for the Spring Festival transportation safety management and epidemic prevention and control work, the traffic police are combined with traffic location and passenger vehicle running within the jurisdiction of the specification, day tour in bamboo lotus, 234 national road and white sands bridge road, and has established the raids, scrutiny into the jurisdiction of each car, do it on the car, will check and will check people, registration work,We will effectively guard against road safety risks.According to the yuanjiang city traffic police brigade law xuan squadron captain Cao Feng introduced, in order to ensure the city’s people’s Spring Festival traffic safety, will start from the following three aspects, a strict Spring Festival driving qualifications, two strict station safety supervision network, three strict road inspection road inspection.The bone-chilling wind did not blow the pace of adherence, the cold rain did not cool the hot heart, the traffic police service for the people, the spirit of social dedication, we are worthy of praise for them.