With 21 turnovers, Jammei did her best!Westbrook escaped. The lakers’ problem isn’t him

2022-05-25 0 By

The lakers, playing back-to-back games in Portland without Westbrook for the first time this season, expected a win to boost their morale, but the loss was somewhat surprising.The lakers took the lead, but they couldn’t pull away in the second half.The lakers lost 105-107 to Portland, their second straight loss.Without Westbrook, the rest of the world is waiting to see how the Lakers will perform, after all, Westbrook has been taking the blame for the team.The lakers didn’t win this time, and even if they did, it shouldn’t have focused on Westbrook because the Blazers aren’t strong this season and Lillard hasn’t played yet.Surprisingly, the lakers’ offense is worse than better without Westbrook.The lakers committed 21 turnovers, and you can’t blame Westbrook, who sat on the bench and didn’t play a minute.James and Sales had six turnovers, Monk had five, Bradley had three and Davis had two.Tucker made four appearances off the bench and Johnson made one.The offense didn’t seem to flow without Westbrook, scoring 105 points, less than when westbrook was on the court.The Lakers made 17 of 37 shots, better than their average, seven more than the Blazers, and still lost, somewhat surprisingly.James and Davis did their best, too. Lebron played 36 minutes, shooting 13 of 22 and had 30 points, seven rebounds and seven assists.Davis played 40 minutes, 8-for-11, with 17 points, seven rebounds, six assists and five blocks.It’s fair to say that both have played their part and still can’t lead the team to a win, and this time it really can’t be blamed on Westbrook.For once, the lakers’ problems really aren’t all about Westbrook, and the team isn’t better off without him.Let’s just say westbrook dodged a bullet, and if the lakers win this game, and another big one, the media is going to be all over him.Westbrook isn’t really the problem at this point. Is there really only one way to go?With Nurkic, why not Howard?