Peng Pai sacrifice, Zhou Enlai issued “kill order”, Gu Shunzhang execution, the Communist party traitors three shot dead

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Guide language: when the country is immersed in crisis, there are a lot of revolutionaries who abandoned their happy life throw themselves into revolution at the same time, seek welfare for more people only.But there are also a group of people who, for their own interests, trample on the bottom line of morality, betray the revolutionary friends who fought together in the past, and become the sinners of the country and the people.When Peng Pai sacrifice, zhou Premier had issued a kill order, and Gu Shunzhang executed, the Communist party traitors were killed by three shots.Although Gu shunzhang later betrayed our party, gu Shunzhang also executed traitors, making him famous.The development history of the communist party of China is the twists and turns, is full of thorns, not only do we have to face the invaders slaughtered and damage, but also faced with the kuomintang reactionaries of the assassination, so in order to be able to better to carry on the revolution, also in order to be able to let the present spark set the prairie ablaze, so most of our party in the form of underground work, therefore, in 1929,In one of Shanghai’s nondescript alleyways, a young man dressed as a businessman walked in, and it was Peng Pai.Bai Xin and his wife were waiting for peng Pai’s arrival.However, premier Zhou was also supposed to attend the secret meeting, but he missed it because of something temporary.But their meeting had barely begun when colleagues on guard rushed up to tell them that a spy had arrived.But as soon as the words fell, a large number of Kuomintang agents rushed into the meeting and took away all the people who attended the meeting, even Bai Xin and his wife were among them.This thing is very strange, the spies seem to know that there is a meeting here, can be accurate to find the meeting place, and smooth arrest, and our party lurking in the enemy’s internal intelligence personnel, but did not know any news, so this thing only one explanation, that is, the party appeared a traitor.Premier Zhou learned that after the situation, rushed to Shanghai, immediately organized work, on the one hand to study the plan to save Peng Pai and other comrades, and on the other hand to figure out what happened, as far as possible to avoid the Shanghai underground organization to bear a greater disaster.Because of the urgency of the matter, Premier Zhou activated the double agent, an intelligence worker who had been hiding in the enemy for a long time and would only be used as a last resort.Soon senior intelligence workers Yang Dengying came to the news, the behavior is the communist Party of China internal traitor, and the traitor is Bai Xin, Bai Xin was seized, just to hide it.After receiving accurate information, Premier Zhou immediately arranged a rescue mission.But the rescue was difficult because the enemy was so numerous and well prepared.The Kuomintang reactionaries have also been expected, our party will rescue, so the door to strengthen the alert, also in order to prevent the night long dream, for Peng Pai and others began to torture.Peng Pai also knew he was doomed, in order not to let more comrades sacrifice in order to rescue him, so through secret channels to the central transmission of two letters.In the letter Peng Pai said can not act rashly, must try to rescue others.The Kuomintang reactionaries used torture to Peng Pai, but peng Pai all with a strong will to stand over, did not reveal a word to the Kuomintang reactionaries.Enraged, Chiang Kai-shek had to issue the order to kill Peng Pai, and on August 30, 1929, peng Pai and other martyrs were assassinated by the Kuomintang reactionaries, they died bravely.The news of the sacrifice of Peng Pai and others was known by the leadership of the Communist Party of China, they were very angry, and the premier zhou highly praised the sacrifice of Peng Pai and others on the one hand, praised their revolutionary will, but also issued a kill order, required to find bai Xin’s hiding place, and sanctions.So why did Bai Xin defect?Partly because of Bai Xin’s personal hatred, and partly because of cowardice.After Chiang Kai-shek launched the 412 counter-revolutionary coup d ‘etat, many comrades in our Party felt that their future was uncertain and they were cowardly, so they chose to defect and surrender to the Kuomintang reactionaries.Because the arrest of Peng Pai made a great contribution to the Bai Xin got the high reward of the Kuomintang government, at the same time bai Xin also worried about his life, so asked Chiang Kai-shek to let him go to Italy.Chiang Kai-shek decided that Bai Xin still had value, so he also agreed to his request.But because bai Xin suffers dysentery however, medicated stone does not have spirit, fall in the proposal of kuomintang spy so, he came to Shanghai sichuan road inside a private clinic cure.Bai Xin also therefore exposed their whereabouts, in front of the fan mansion corner, a gunshot, Bai Xin body in 3 guns, was killed by our party comrades.His desire to seek refuge in Italy was shattered, which shook Shanghai and made Gu famous.Although the wheel of time is constantly moving forward, but history will never forget anyone, if you are a noble revolutionary, then it will be respected by the people of the later generations, if you are a notorious traitor, traitors, it will be nailed to the shaming column for life, not to turn over.