Attention!The booster shot has a new method

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Has the reporter learns from wuhan COVID – 19 pandemic control command new crown vaccine sequential enhancing immunization work is carried out in the country, according to the present stage defense under the State Council, spreading mechanism about new crown vaccine immunization work requires not only can now be done in the target population homologous can strengthen immunization, sequential strengthen immunization homology, sequential, how to understand?How do I do it?1. What is homologous enhanced immunization?Homologous booster vaccination refers to the use of vaccines on the same technical route as primary immunization.In the case of the novel coronavirus vaccine, if two doses of the inactivated vaccine have been given before and booster shots are given with the inactivated vaccine, it is called “homologous booster vaccination.”What is sequential booster immunization?Sequential booster immunization refers to the use of vaccines with a different technical route from primary immunization.For example, if two doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine have been given before, and subsequent booster shots have been given with any other non-inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, it is considered as “sequential booster vaccination”.At present, there are two combinations of sequential immunization: inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) 2 doses of basic immunization + recombinant protein vaccine (CHO cell) 1 dose of immunization;Inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) 2 doses of basic immunization + 1 dose of adenovirus vector vaccine to enhance immunity.3. Which groups of people can be immunized sequentially?The sequential enhanced immunization is for people aged 18 and above who have received the novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopagic Beijing, Sinopagic Beijing and Sinopagic Wuhan for over 6 months and have not completed the homologous enhanced immunization.Iv. How safe is sequential immunization?Available data indicate that both sequential booster immunization regimens can significantly increase the level of neutralizing antibodies in recipients with good safety.V. Can sequential booster immunization be given to people over 60 years old?Older persons over 60 years of age are at high risk of novel Coronavirus infection.People over 60 years old who meet the requirements for sequential booster immunization can choose sequential booster immunization.6. Is COVID-19 vaccination free of charge under the sequential enhanced immunization programme?At present, the sequential strengthening of immunization is free of charge.People who meet the requirements of sequential booster immunization can choose recombinant protein vaccine or adenovirus vector vaccine and receive 1 dose of booster vaccination free of charge.7. What are the locations in Wuhan where COVID-19 vaccines can be administered?At present, there are 277 clinics in Wuhan for COVID-19 vaccination. Information about specific vaccination units in each district can be found on the official website of Wuhan CDC, and residents can also make an appointment to register for vaccination at nearby community health service centers or township health centers.Viii. What should be paid attention to when receiving booster shots of COVID-19 vaccine?Before vaccination, according to the previous vaccination certificate, confirm whether they are 18 years old or above and whether they have completed basic immunization for more than 6 months.During vaccination, students should bring their identification documents and vaccination certificates, and take good personal protection according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with on-site vaccination staff to inquire and register.After inoculation, observe the site for 30 minutes, keep the skin clean and avoid scratching the inoculation site.Nine, have been vaccinated “strengthening needle”, can still carry out sequential strengthening immunity?The target population can freely choose to carry out homologous booster immunization with the original technical route vaccine, or choose to carry out sequential booster immunization with different technical route vaccine, but cannot receive sequential booster immunization and homologous booster immunization at the same time.Repeat vaccination is not required for people who have completed the “booster” vaccination with inactivated vaccine.CDC experts remind that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to develop globally and the transmission of novel coronavirus is accelerating. China is still under great pressure to prevent the transmission of imported coronavirus from abroad and the prevention of rebound from home.Vaccination against COVID-19 remains the most effective, safest and cost-effective way to prevent and control the disease.Strengthening immunization is of great significance for protecting susceptible populations and effectively containing the spread of the epidemic.Citizens who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination should be vaccinated as soon as possible, and their relatives and friends should be encouraged to take the initiative to build a strong immune barrier!Strengthen the choice of needle more forward to know!Hubei CDC emergency tips!Today at 0:43, it’s here!From now on, leave a message under the wechat account of Changjiang Cloud actively, we will randomly select lucky fans to send a boutique cultural creation mug/canvas bag.(small make up will reply you specific award) do this activity to the Yangtze river source cloud all | changjiang daily coordinating editor | Hu Aolei