Where has the taste of the New Year gone

2022-05-24 0 By

When I was young, what I looked forward to most was the Chinese New Year, the snacks of the young and the games of the young and the young, but now, the Chinese New Year is not so much to look forward to, but more and more melancholy of the young and the young!When I was young, my father would prepare a table of food, and my mother and I would pack dumplings.In the evening, families sit together, eating melon seeds, watching the gala and making comments from time to time.Sometimes I do a little imitation.In laughter imperceptibly to zero, every family to fire, the “crackling” sound like a song of praise, in telling the thick flavor of the New Year.The children are always too excited to sleep.The next day early in the morning to get up with the adults to pay New Year’s greetings.But now, the Spring Festival gala no one to watch, have to shake red envelopes.No one cooked at home, are twos and threes of the restaurant, although the taste is good, but never eat a happy taste.It was not easy to get together in the evening, but you were holding the phone, I was holding the computer, he looked at paid and left the poor Spring Festival Gala aside.Is it only the Gala that has been snubbed?No, and our family.Year, originally should be a day that makes everyone look forward to, because look forward to so year flavour just more strong, but now I can not find a little bit of year flavour, can not help but ask: Year flavour, you this naughty child go where to play ah?