The name of ice and snow 3 set: Yan Zhenhua Li Glacier wish to be admitted to the sports school

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Training, Li Binghe finally found the interior point the feeling of ice, her excitement was about to step up training, the coach told them, tomorrow after the audition with cast within two weeks, because they are the points within two weeks of action at ordinary times practice fell nine times, ten times for tomorrow was able to finish the old zero error action is victory, new actions can select slowly after practice again.In fact, Yan Zhenhua knew that there were only two pairs of seats in tomorrow’s selection, one of which was predetermined, but he particularly refused to accept Lin Feng, because he looked down on them these children from the countryside, he was determined to go to professional school must surpass them.The next day, Lin Feng Qin Yue total score 9.8, it is the turn of Yan Zhenhua and Li Glacier play, two people feel the results of the front several bite very tight, decided if they completed the action in front of the use of the outside throw, otherwise use the inside point throw, only then have a chance to win.In the competition, they had a little mistake in front of the movement, so they used the inside point throw, fortunately, this time they completed well, after the two excited hug in the arena!After the game, coach Qu Please Lin Feng and Yan Zhenhua group to eat hot pot, to celebrate their entrance to the professional sports school, Yan Zhenhua toasted to celebrate The success of Li Ice inside point jump, qu coach reprimanded them on the spot for action, is to take the future in the bet, become a professional athlete to have sportsmanship and national honor.Lin Feng while qu coach on the bathroom, yan Zhenhua provocation from the countryside do not understand the rules, can go to the sports school is completely run dog shit luck.Glacier cant listen to talk for Yan Zhenhua, Lin Feng even more abusive Yan Zhenhua is a hillbilly, skates is Li Glacier bought him, when the factory director of the boy, Yan Zhenhua intolerable, and he moved his hand, until the song coach came to open the two people.On the way home, Li Glacier advised Yan Zhenhua not to and Lin Feng general knowledge, Yan Zhenhua determined that one day more than Lin Feng.He said that he was a little afraid after the change, and felt that coach Qu had taught him right. He should not have impulsively made this decision, but he did it all in order to be worthy of standing next to Li. Li insisted that as long as they could keep sliding, nothing else mattered.Yan Zhenhua suddenly remembered that his aunt had prepared a big table of delicious food for them to celebrate their success.Two people back to the aunt’s house, see the light barrier, thought it was blended cry Wolf, was about to leave, aunt a Tang Jianqu clean out of the back room and give them a surprise, the original QuJie internship in aunt factory, got the good news of the game immediately tell the aunt, a few people sat chafing dish, eat a big celebration dinner.Aunt and uncle are saying the factory labor reform, aunt Wang came to tell them Yan Zhenhua grandma died, aunt cried, she and Yan Zhenhua fell into a great grief.The next morning, Tang Jian and Qu Jie came to the station, also want to follow Yan Zhenhua home to help, Yan Zhenhua know Qu Jie is hiding from his father, don’t let her go, such as Li Ice River carrying a bag of fruit ran over, the car has started.Mother know Li Glacier because she did not let her go to the station in the morning is still angry, she took out the Admission notice of the United States to study, warned her daughter skating and go to the United States to study can not be compared, she does not allow the glacier flat lightly for a lifetime, Li Glacier refuted she has their own dreams and the future, here is where she should stay,Mother promised to glacier to let uncle to her after the United States to find the best coach, but not the letter of admission is, she guessed that her daughter would not go abroad because had relationship with partner Andy, command she must go to the United States, mother Li Binghe threat if force yourself to find a coach to the sports school enrolment, she fled into the bedroom, mom put the room door, forbid her to go out,He threatened to kill his daughter if she didn’t go to America to study.Dad will grandma yan Zhenhua woven red sweater for him to wear, and one is grandma let sent to Shenzhen for two uncle to wear, dad learned that his son was admitted to the sports school, they are going to set a table to celebrate.In the evening, Yan Forest came back, he knelt in tears in front of his mother’s portrait knock three heads, remorse back late.Yan Zhenhua asked how uncle in Shenzhen, Yan Forest hand over his business card, he is now the chairman of a company, asked a friend from Hong Kong to bring a pair of new shoes to eldest brother.Heavy snow again, tomorrow will return to the provincial capital, Tang Jian and Yan Zhenhua want to have a good time skating, childhood such a snowy day, they always use a bench to pull grandma to play in the snow, think of here, Yan Zhenhua can not help but burst into tears.Snow is their racing field, two people holding a skateboard, in the forest fly through the edge, see the front of the Tang Jian more slippery faster, Yan Zhenhua kept reminding him to pay attention to safety, suddenly appeared in front of a deep pit, Tang Jian speed brake is not fast, inadvertently fell into the pit.