Notice of Traffic Police Detachment of Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau on partial road traffic control during Lantern Festival 2022

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In order to ensure the safety and unblocked road traffic during the Lantern Festival in 2022, haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment will timely implement traffic control on the following sections according to the actual situation of the urban road traffic flow.1. Sections under timely control in Wanlu Garden and Century Park: roads north of Binhai Avenue (including Xingang Road to Qiubin Intersection), roads west of Xingang Road (including xingang Road) and roads east of Lijing Road (excluding Lijing Road), including Century Bridge and Binhai Overpass.Timely control time: 19:00 — 24:00 on February 15, depending on the traffic situation timely control bypass route: vehicles that need to pass through the east of Binhai Avenue to the west can choose to bypass through 424 intersection, Longhua Road, Datong Road, Haixiu Road, Haixiu Express Road or Longkun South Road, Nanhai Avenue;Vehicles that need to pass west to east of Binhai Avenue can choose Changbin Road, Changtong Road, Yongwan Road, etc., via Haixiu Express Road, Haisheng Road, Haixiu Road, Nanhai Avenue detour.Ii. Sections under timely control in Haidian Island area: Century Bridge of Haidian Island, Diankun Road and roads west of Century Avenue, including Bihai Avenue Haidian Wuxi Road to Haidian Sanxi Road.Time of timely control: 19:00 — 24:00 On February 15, depending on the traffic situation, timely control detour route: Vehicles entering and leaving Haidian Island detour from Renmin Bridge and Heping Bridge.Iii. Section of timely control in West Coast Area: West Extension line of Binhai Avenue (Qiubin Intersection to Changbin Intersection) Timely control Time: 19:00 — 24:00, February 15 Depending on the traffic situation timely control detour route:For passing vehicles, please pass through Changbin Road, Changtong Road, Changtian Road, Yongwan Road, Haiyu West Line, Haisheng Road, Haixiu West Road or Haixiu Express Road, Yuehai Avenue, Nanhai Avenue.Iv. Government town control sections in Qiongshan District: the areas west of Qiongzhou Avenue (excluding), south of Hongchenghu Road (including), north of Gaudeng Street (excluding) and east of Zhuyun Road (including), namely all sections in the central area of Government town.Detour route: Yingbin Avenue, G98 highway, S82 Highway or Guoxing Avenue, Qiongshan Avenue, Binjiang Road, New Continent Avenue for vehicles to and from Meilan Airport.Five, wetland park fengxiang timely control section: coconut sea avenue yingbin avenue intersections to south road intersection (fengxiang wetland park road) to timely control of time: at 19:00 on February 15-24:00 according to the condition of traffic control timely alternate routes: via coconut sea avenue fengxiang wetland park road vehicles do fengxiang road, G98 highway around the city traffic.Vi. From 12:00 on February 15 to 03:00 on the next day, the closed area (including) formed by Binjiang Road in the east, Qiuhai Avenue in the west, Yehai Avenue in the south and coastline in the north shall be prohibited for medium and above trucks and dangerous chemical vehicles.All kinds of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians through the above sections shall strictly follow the command of the police on duty or according to the traffic signs, and choose the detour route in advance. The police will release the latest real-time road conditions through the traffic broadcast channel at any time.The vehicles to each activity point shall park in the designated position according to the command of the traffic police or traffic signs.Tips: During the Lantern Festival, please choose public transportation, carpooling or walking.In the event of a minor traffic accident, both parties shall use mobile phones and other devices to take photos and leave contact information for each other after evacuating from the scene, and notify the insurance company to deal with the accident quickly.When traveling, listen to FM100 and FM95.4 traffic broadcast channels to master the traffic conditions.Sorry for any inconvenience caused during the traffic control period!We hereby inform you.Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment February 14, 2022 Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: