How to convert 3GPP to MP3 format?

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How to convert 3GPP to MP3 format?You may not know 3PGG is an audio file format, and you don’t know how to do it after you encounter it. 3PGG audio format has better compression efficiency and saves storage space compared to MP3. However, 3PGG is not compatible with very few people, so it cannot play normally in many players.If you want to make the best use of this audio file, the best way is to convert it to MP3 format first.So the main purpose of writing this document is to teach you how to convert 3PGG to MP3 format, professional audio editing software is relatively difficult to use, but THE method I introduce is relatively easy to operate, one or two minutes can learn how to convert, please continue to read.You need to use the tool: optimal speed audio processor tools download address: detailed format conversion steps are as follows:Step 1: Download the tool “Excellent Audio Processor” first, then install and open it, select the first function on the left, and then click the button to add the 3PGG audio file to the software, or directly drag the 3PGG file into the software with the mouse.Step 2: Set the output format. Select “MP3” from the drop-down list on the right of the format.Then select the output directory above to save the converted MP3 files.Step 3: Click the red button in the upper right corner to start the audio format conversion.After the conversion is completed, the software will automatically open the output folder containing MP3 audio for us to view.Step 4. As you can see from the result, all 3PGG audio files are converted to MP3 format.There are more than 20 kinds of audio files, some of the uncommon formats are not compatible, many times cannot play, 3PGG is such, so we need to convert it to the most common mp3 format.After reading the above steps, you will know how to convert the audio format, a total of more than 20 audio format conversion support.How to convert 3GPP to MP3 format?That’s it. If you feel good, give it a try.