Volunteers of new era civilization practice in Liupowu Town, Yangxin County helped comprehensively improve the living environment

2022-05-23 0 By

In order to improve the quality of the living environment within the jurisdiction, improve the happiness index of the masses, recently, Liupowu town, Yangxin County to carry out a new era of civilized practice volunteers help rural living environment comprehensive promotion activities.The new era civilization practice volunteers have clear responsibilities and division of labor. They have set up several groups such as cleaning up small advertisements, picking up garbage and clearing up road debris.Volunteers with practical actions to make the majority of residents feel good living environment and everyone’s active participation is inseparable, have joined to help the town’s living environment comprehensive promotion activities, effectively improve the village’s dirty, messy, poor and garbage dead corner and other environmental status quo.Through this volunteer service activity, not only enhanced the villagers’ awareness of environmental protection, but also greatly improved the environmental sanitation in the village, and created a good atmosphere for everyone to strive to be volunteers, build and share civilized villages, contributing to the further creation of the beautiful Liupowu with blue sky, clear water and green land.