The time travel drama Beauty of the Royal Face is so tacky and superficial. Why is this genre so popular?

2022-05-23 0 By

Recently, Tencent Video launched a series of skits, the so-called skits are short like short video TV series, each episode is about three to six minutes in length, in this series of skits, many of them are time travel dramas, Beauty royal Looks is no exception.The heroine is a female doctor of modern medicine, and the hero is a king. It tells the love story of the two of them. The story is also the routine of time travel dramas, and the whole work is vulgar and overheads, but it also makes people reflect, time travel dramas are only performed in several ways over and over again.Time travel dramas are generally girls through, and are through before the body is weak, through the past after the temperament changed, and male love, they are also able to cause, all aspects are wind and water, amazing people repeatedly.Through generally choose the girl for the leading role, perhaps because think contrast before and after the girls to make more appropriate, because everyone subjectively or feel, that the role of pear flower take rain weak unbearable if for boys, may effect is not so good, actually this is also belong to the sexes in the consequences of a stereotype.In traditional stories, good and evil will be rewarded at the end of the day. We also like the scenario that good people will have a good ending and the bad people will be punished. Although it is ok to rely on external forces, there is still no role to be forthcoming.Time travel dramas can better satisfy this fantasy. People with modern consciousness go through the past and break the rules of the past to get everything they want in their own way, which is both modern and ancient. Such collisions are also more interesting.However, these works still have a lot of shortcomings, still need a lot of polishing.