The list of COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Yanta District is coming!

2022-05-23 0 By

The Headquarters of Yanta District Epidemic Prevention and Control in Xi ‘an city reminds us that the situation at home and abroad is complex and severe recently. Full vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine can significantly reduce the risk of pneumonia and severe illness caused by omicron variant strain.For the health and safety of you and your family, appeal to the general public friends, especially the elderly, in the case of no contraindications without vaccination should be vaccinated as soon as possible, not full vaccination should be replanted as soon as possible, in line with the population of strengthened vaccination, strengthen vaccination as soon as possible.You can make an appointment through the Health Xi ‘an Public Service mini program or go directly to the nearest vaccination point for free vaccination. The daily vaccination time of each vaccination clinic in Yanta District is extended to 22:00, and the service is available for you on weekends.Prevention and control of the epidemic is everyone’s responsibility, vaccination and building an immune barrier.