Most people who open online stores do not know how big the size of the homepage of the main picture of the details page is

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Hello, everyone, I am small Yang V god, these days a fan asked me, he said that he is a student, recently also learning e-commerce to do the main picture of the details page.The size of the detail page was mentioned by the teacher before but he forgot. Cut the crap.Go straight to the dry stuff!Taobao and Tmall and Amazon details page and home page main figure size?The size of the taobao details page is 750px wide and high, and the main picture is 800px*800px. On PC, the width of the home page is 1920px and the height of the main page is 800px*800px. You can enter 120*30=150px to make a store offer.790px width and height unlimited, 800px by 800px, 750px by 1000px, Main picture: 990 by 150 full screen: 1920 by 150px, Main picture: 800px by 800px, details: 990px by height unlimited (750px and 790px can be done)1920px* height no limit, mobile home: 640px* height 85px/170px/255px and so on (each box 85px