And a luxury brand!Equipped with four-wheel drive, 2.0T+8AT, real Volvo XC40

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And a luxury brand!Equipped with four-wheel drive, 2.0T+8AT, Volvo XC40 today to bring you is Volvo XC40 2020 T4 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan luxury edition, I believe we have long been familiar with the whole brand of Volvo, whether from the brand or quality, it is called a very outstanding choice.Let’s read it carefully together!Look on as the cold northern European style, before the face of atmospheric modelling, Volvo XC40 2020 deluxe edition of T4 all-wheel-drive wisdom far China is recognizable high straight waterfall type grille design, edge with silver chrome trim ascension delicate feeling, can be seen in the above straight waterfall type bending grille with stereo modelling, the change of the base of color is black and white and dichromatic,From shape to color.Inside the headlights, Volvo family’s “Thor’s Hammer” LED daytime running lights are used. The lamp group is divided into two rows, two in each row. In addition, there are also LED front fog lights, which are placed on the side side of the concave.From the side, the body size of the car is 4425/1836/1652mm, the wheelbase is 2702mm, equipped with Michelin tires, front and rear tires standard specification is 235/50 R19, the rear view mirror shape is stylish and with rich functions, automatic lock folding, automatic reverse down, electric adjustment, heating, memory and electric folding.The side of the body looks very neat and clean without losing a sense of strength. The three-section waist line is designed with concave and convex, and the overall proportion is harmonious.The tail shape is narrow on the top and wide on the bottom, and the convergence point is the taillight, which makes the taillight shape full of personality.At the top there is a large size of the tail wing, tail window height is appropriate, effectively ensure the rear vision;The tail lines are simple and rich in layering, and the exhaust layout is double, which is beautiful and full on the whole.See the interior configuration, the car adopts the latest family language design, the interior style is warm, the use of drifting wood decorative board to decorate, and the central console uses a large area of soft material wrapped, the center of gravity is biased to the driver side, three-spoke multi-functional steering wheel, the button layout is reasonable and convenient;And with a 9 inch touch LCD screen, simple and fashionable.At the same time with 7 color atmosphere lamp, to a large extent to enhance the texture of the car.Type-back air conditioning air outlet design, very eye-catching.In terms of configuration, the car is equipped with tire pressure alarm, active brake/active safety system, adaptive cruise, lane keeping assist system, electric trunk and other intelligent safety features.The rear row space is more spacious, to meet the needs of daily household.At the same time, the rear row is equipped with air conditioning air outlet, also equipped with 12V power supply below.Power aspect, 2020 T4 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan luxury edition with 2.0t four-cylinder turbocharged B4204T47 engine, maximum power 190 horsepower, peak torque 300 N · m, matching 8AT gearbox, maximum speed 210km/h, official 0-100km/h acceleration is 8.5s,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology comprehensive fuel consumption 7.4L/100km.Review: The Volvo XC40’s rich interior is a plus, and the Nordic design style is also very avant-garde.And the safety configuration is outstanding, if you care about safety, you might as well pay attention to this car Volvo XC40, the guide price of 264,800 to 385,800 yuan.