Why is the Only Green so amazing?

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“No name, no money, only this roll;Green for thousands of years, mountains and rivers boundless.”CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, the group dance “Only This Green”, with elegant and beautiful Chinese aesthetics to create a dream spanning thousands of years, activated the traditional cultural genes in the hearts of the audience.”Only This Green” once appeared in bilibili (STATION B) New Year’s Eve party, the 7 minutes and 55 seconds of STATION B version of “Only this Green” has been played more than 5 million times, the elegant “green waist” has become a new hot spot for love dancers to imitate “second innovation”.From STATION B to CCTV Spring Festival Gala, why “only one volume” amazing countless people?The most beautiful group dance is selected from the dance poem drama Only This Green, inspired by the famous painting “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains”.This scroll, written by Wang Ximeng, a painter in the Northern Song Dynasty, is regarded as a masterpiece of the green landscape of the Song Dynasty.The dance poem drama “only this green – dance painting” “Thousands of miles of rivers and Mountains” to lightly dance the outline of the poem such as magic landscape, tells the story of a span of ancient and modern art legend.The group dance “Only This Green” abstracts the green and green colors in “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” into female figures.Meng Qingyang, the lead dancer, said that “green” is pure freehand brushwork, and the interpretation needs to open up endless imagination space.The painting of overlapping peaks, green water looming;Dancers have sharp eyebrows and crimson lips in high buns;Neat swing sleeve, hidden in the painting…The beauty of Song painting and Chinese classical painting entered the audience’s heart in the gait of the ladies on the stage.The green image is the refinement of Oriental “beauty” and the “aesthetic eye” of dance.”Waiting for”, “full moon”, “falling clouds”, “think”, “walking alone”, “perilous peak”, “lying stone” and other modeling actions spread out on the stage, a breath, all mountains and rivers.In my opinion, part of the shape and movement of the group dance “Only This Green” expresses the beauty of mountains and artistic conception.Tang Weihong, a member of the Party Committee and chairman of the supervisory board of People.com.cn, summed up the “breaking circle” password of “Only This Green” as “three forces” : the charm of Chinese traditional culture, the wisdom and strength of artists of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, and the joint efforts of producers and partners.Since its debut in August last year, the dance drama “Only This Green” has toured more than 50 shows in 18 cities across China.Learned that the program will be on the Spring Festival Gala, director Zhou Lia admitted that “pressure is very big.””Time is very precious. Even if it’s just six minutes, we want to present it to the audience in a more perfect way.”Now, “Only this green” touched the heartstrings of countless audiences, let people in poetry and painting, read the beauty of mountains and rivers.It took more than a year to write and five and a half months of rehearsals before the dance poem “Only This Green” was put on stage.Director Han Zhen, Zhou Liya revealed that in order to let the actors present a calm stage effect, rehearsals with a lot of poetry guidance.”We always say, ‘If the heart can accommodate the ravines, then the writing can integrate mountains and rivers’.Poetry expresses a kind of mind, which is our understanding of the ancients, of the literati in traditional Chinese culture.”Meng Qingyang, the lead dancer, appeared with pendulous sleeves, both like mountain texture and mountain waterfall.The “green waist” that many viewers remember is actually called “perilous peak”, which describes the steep and dangerous part of the mountain.Dancers simulate mountains with different shapes and body changes. The dance is no longer just feminine and gentle, but also reflects a kind of magnificent, representing the years of Chinese traditional culture precipitation.The only Green, a dance and poetry drama inspired by a Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, has become a hard-to-get offline hit even before its debut on the Spring Festival Gala.This program takes The excellent traditional Chinese culture as the breakthrough point, “dance painting” “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, shows the aesthetic characteristics and clothing styles of the Song Dynasty.Netizens on the Overseas social media accounts of the People’s Daily and People’s Daily Online called The Only Green a “top performance” and said to the cast: “Thank you for presenting great history.”From the line to the line, “only this green” popularity and public praise “win hemp”!Scriptwriter Xu Junrui said, “If the audience can feel the broad and profound Chinese culture and ignite their love for traditional culture from this Only Green, our hard work will be worth it.”Dance poetry drama “only this green” has become a well-deserved Spring Festival Gala explosion!It has left a deep impression on 1 billion viewers and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful stages in the Year of the Tiger.