Petty theft | old car thief?You can’t hide it

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“I really did not expect an ordinary bicycle, the police comrades are willing to help us find it patiently and carefully, I really thank the police comrades,” said Ms. Yao gave the police a banner that read “Good people police people care”.Recently wheat store police station received ms yao park near a office buildings in jurisdiction police said her children’s bicycle was stolen police to the scene quickly after receiving alarm immediately after work in understanding the relevant situation police soldier points two road side area centered radiation all around a field visit to find suspects side to inform the community about power attention in the work to find the stolen bikeThrough the unremitting efforts of the police have feedback case clues in the vicinity of sanyuan bridge lost bike was found and found!Two suspects in the future zhang in the work of a hotel caught at trial zhang mou confessed to its bike theft originally a few days ago the walk on the side of the road I saw a bike unlocked saw no one then JianCaiQiYi have after pulling to ride my bike as zhang was a “old thief stealing cars” it has recently been stealing a electric cars currently on suspicion of theftSin is zhang has been chaoyang public security bureau criminal detention according to law cases are found in further work bicycle police immediately after contact with ms yao after verifying the day after the bike back to ms yao yao lady with a banner in police station to police and hold police hand bother to thank jinbei silver cup as the word for the people of the masses service is forever at the beginning of the policeMy heart and mission is to convey more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: