On the first day of Chinese New Year, 11 people were investigated for drunk driving.

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With the Spring Festival coming, drinking is a way for people to express their joy at the time of family reunion and the peak of various parties.Therefore, drinking is a common occurrence during the Spring Festival, including visits to relatives and friends, as well as drinking and exchanging glasses at dinner.Wine over three rounds, please remember, drunk can not drive!You may think that the New Year, so traffic police should also have a holiday?On February 1, the first day of the Year of the Tiger, in order to effectively prevent the rebound of drunk driving illegal behavior, prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, on the evening of February 1, the Traffic police brigade of Hanbin Public Security Sub-bureau organized a unified action to curb drunk driving illegal behavior, the whole team investigated 11 drunk driving cases.So, some netizens may want to know when hanbin public Security traffic police are investigating drunk driving?You want the lunar New Year holiday to check drunken driving schedule during the Spring Festival, to investigate and punish the drunk driving is not relax every day Every night to check whether check not drunk driving drive don’t drink, don’t drink and drive should become a habit, a criterion must not take chances put down the glass, take the key to get in, start on the road to be responsible for himself and the lives of others!