Laoshan District carried out law enforcement and environmental protection for city appearance during the Spring Festival

2022-05-22 0 By

Qingdao news on February 8 (reporter Li Times) this Spring Festival, the streets of Laoshan district shuttled back and forth with blue uniforms of personnel, they are Laoshan district law enforcement personnel.In accordance with the requirements of the action to improve the environment and the epidemic prevention and control, the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau and all sub-district offices carried out the law enforcement and protection work of city appearance and environment during the Spring Festival.Security order of the city clean and tidy science as a whole during the festival the law enforcement power, the key to dealing with the public complaints, the city much more primary and secondary trunk road and other key areas, the intensive business district tilt, clearly investigate all kinds of illegal act, urging street squadron using WeChat working group to do law enforcement supervision and coordination of power,Effectively ensure a clean and tidy city appearance during the Spring Festival.Technology enabled, site inspection technology enabled, make full use of high technology to carry out law enforcement and guarantee work, during the Spring Festival, sent 6 drones to take aerial photos of 6 key and hidden areas such as Zhonghanzhong, Shazikou and Wanggezhuang, and no new illegal construction occurred.Encourage uncivilized sacrificial acts To do a good job in important periods, important points of the burning and throwing funeral memorial items rectification work, strengthen law enforcement inspection, timely encourage the burning of funeral memorial items and other uncivilized behavior.During the Spring Festival, laoshan district, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of environmental law enforcement, service outsourcing staff 386 people, 148 trains, vehicle number is unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 6, clean up the traveling salesmen float for 194, 116 of standard across the shop management, clean up the advertising light boxes, 60 clean banner poster box 12, dissuade memorial to stop uncivilized behavior 8, 46, check the construction siteInspection of 42 catering enterprises.During the festival, the city appearance of the district is clean and orderly, and there is no new illegal construction.