Careful abacus thrifts

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The annual central government budget was unveiled on March 24 and 25, as the Ministry of Finance, the National Bureau of Statistics, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments released their budgets for 2022.So far, 106 central government departments have released their budgets.In order to facilitate public inspection and supervision, the budgets of all departments are released on the website of the “Central Budget and final Accounts Open Platform” set up by the Ministry of Finance.On the whole, the budgets of central government departments this year have distinctive features. First, we made solid efforts to tighten our budget. For example, the total budget of the Ministry of Finance is about 7.85 billion yuan, down about 30.5% from 10.24 billion yuan last year.Second, the budgets of all government departments are presented in greater detail. There are not only a general statement of revenues and expenditures, but also nine statements on changes in revenues and expenditures, arrangements for the operation of government offices, and expenditures on official overseas visits, official vehicles, and official hospitality, so that the public can not only see them, but also understand them and supervise them.Fiscal funds taken from the people should be used for the people, especially in the current triple pressure on the Chinese economy.We will ensure that government budgets and final accounts operate in a transparent manner, ensure that the government tightens its belts, makes prudent calculations, and uses money where it matters most. Only in this way can we save money and win the trust of the people.(iron solid)