A trick is hard to get!More than 1 million people crowded into the official flagship store to buy bingdendun around, some people asked for an errand to buy offline

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The excitement of the Winter Olympics has never been limited to the competition.With the arrival of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the mascot Bing Dwen Dwen has been trending trending recently, attracting athletes and netizens all over the world with its cute appearance.More than 1 million people crowded into the official flagship store to buy bingdudun around, some zhengzhou residents even asked a runner to buy offline.”One minute it says it’s available and the next it says it’s sold out. It’s crazy.”After the Beijing Winter Olympics mascot Ice Dun Dun rushed to hot search, Zhengzhou citizens Mr. Wang opened Taobao search surrounding for the first time, or failed to grab, so please go on errands to buy ice Dun Dun.”I spent two or three hundred yuan to hire a runner and went to the offline franchise store at two o ‘clock in the morning, when there were more people and those products were already in limited supply.Luckily, I went out early and got a stuffed animal from Bingo, but the key chain I wanted was out of stock.”Mr. Wang told reporters.Thanks to the strength of the Winter Olympics, bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, has become popular among athletes and netizens around the world with its charming appearance ahead of the opening ceremony.A Japanese reporter bought six ice dundun commemorative badges hidden in his clothes;On Weibo, Bing Dwen Dwen hot list search, Taobao appeared “a trick hard to find.”Cao Jie, a staff member of Alibaba, said, “More than 5,000 licensed products in 16 categories were designed and developed for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Two days before the opening, more than 1 million people flocked to the official Olympic Tmall store to buy up the area around Bing Dandan.In the days following the opening ceremony, there are many new Olympic accessories on Tmall.”It is understood that this is not the first time that Bing Dwen Dwen has become an Internet celebrity.Last year, during the Double 11, previous Winter Olympics badges, bing Dwen Dwen hand-made, Beijing Winter Olympics concession flag style down jackets and other triggered young people “wild consumption”.The official flagship store of Olympic tmall has become the most popular cultural and creative store on Singles’ Day.Cao Jie said that the opening of the world’s first official Olympic flagship store on Tmall in 2018 is a major innovation for the century-old Modern Olympic Games. It means that Olympic products can be sold without a cycle, and Chinese consumers can buy the entire line around the Olympic Games with a history as long as 100 years.Cao Jie reminds consumers at the same time, if the stage can not buy ice dun dun, can wait, it is best to buy through regular channels.