Year five | drink jiaduobao, fortune and treasure

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The fifth day of the first month, also known as “broken five” so-called “unbroken” fifth to meet the god of wealth is a long history of the Spring Festival custom “Qing Jia Lu” in the record said: “five days for the birthday of the god of the road, gong firecrackers sacrifice li Bichen, to fight for the city will get up early to meet, that is, the road.”Old customs during the Spring Festival, shops and shops close together from the beginning of the year and open on the fifth day of the first month. City customs to the fifth day of the first month for the birthday of the God of wealth that the choice of this day to open the market will bring in money is self-evident importance.”Wish the New Year can be a wealth of wealth into the door so happy day of course to drink Jiaduobao fortune and jinbao